YOU MUST BE A GOOD DRAWER Abstraction Drawing Oil Pastels

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Requirements of Submission: Students will illustrate an abstracted still life. This project will require students to closely observe a chosen subject in terms of line, shape, value, and color, requiring the student to exhibit an understanding of the course content thus far, with emphasis on Module Five’s introduction to color. The project should meet the following criteria, created with oil pastels

: • One single subject, viewed from an abstracted perspective that focuses on one area (e.g., “zoomed in”) • The final illustration should be in full color.

• The final illustration should occupy the entire page (i.e., no “white space”)

• Renditions should be realistic in appearance, drawn from direct observation, and not stylistically rendered. This means literally viewing the subject as it is drawn.

Students will submit their project in this module through the use of a digital camera. Along with their project, a self-critique should be submitted explaining the student’s approach and challenges. It should be no less than 250 words.

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