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year old teacher next door H u m a n i t i e s

I’m working on a education & teaching multi-part question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.

Final Essay: Read the following scenario and with guidance from Pages 274-277, (and NAEYC Code of Ethics) to come up with a solution based on the NAEYC code of ethics and recommended process.

Scenario: Several early childhood educators have gathered in the staff room of their program, preparing class materials and drinking coffee. They include Natasha, a kindergarten teacher, Caitlin, the 4-year old teacher next door, and Deborah, the floating substitute. Also in the room were a couple of teachers from other rooms taking their breaks. Natasha learned that morning that the father of Logan, a child in Natasha’s class, whom Caitlin had the previous year, had a big fight with Logan’s mother and moved out of the house. Caitlin who’s class is right next door with a shared half wall overheard the whole conversation.

“What’s the matter with Logan today” asks Deborah, the substitute aid in Natasha’s K class that morning. “He’s a terror. The whole time he was on the playground he was picking a fight with some other child.”

“It’s not surprising,” says Caitlin. “You wouldn’t believe what his father did this time. Logan’s mother told Natasha this morning.” Caitlin proceeds to relate all the details she heard about the fight between Logan’s parents that led to his father’s packing his clothes and storming out of the house. A couple of the other teachers join in gossiping about the family and what they thought of the father. One of the teachers also started to bad mouth Logan.

As early childhood educators and directors, we often find ourselves needing to manage and safeguard personal information about families. Using these recommended steps (NAEYC) for resolving ethical dilemmas, what should Natasha do?

I. Identify the problem and determine if it involves ethics.

A.What is the problem here?

B. What is the definition of ethics?

2. Identify applicable core values from the NAEYC code: (Look in the code of ethics and identify the core values). They are also listed on page 275 in your text:

3. Identify the stakeholders affected by the situation. Who will be affected by the outcome?

4. Look for guidance in the NAEYC code. Find the most applicable sections. Now look in the code and find those most applicable to this situation. Write out the code and include the numbers and section you find it under, such as “Ideals” or “Principals”, for example—

“I 2.1 To design programs and policies inclusive of and responsible to diverse families”

This might be addressed in different sections–look through it all and note all that are applicable.

5. Identify the most ethically defensible course of action: (Or in other words–what would your solution to this problem be? Based on 1-4, what should Natasha do? (And I want more than just go to her director…)

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