written following apa format B u s i n e s s F i n a n c e

written following apa format B u s i n e s s F i n a n c e

write a paper that includes an overview of the business your

organization (Autozone) is in, the business objectives, and the marketplace and

competitors for your company. The paper should include a high-level,

multiple-year plan that describes how your proposed strategic

initiative(s) would be implemented. Make sure the paper contains the

specifics for the IT initiatives for which you are requesting funding

and a cost/benefit analysis. In your cost/benefit analysis, you must

separate one-time costs from ongoing costs. Your submitted paper must

use the section and subsection headings in the same order as they appear

in this assignment’s descriptive outline (see attached

document above). The paper should address the following questions

and answer the questions in the description outline:

  • What are the proposed IT initiatives? What questions still need to
    be addressed in the systems planning and systems analysis phases?
  • Why are you proposing these IT initiatives? How will the IT initiatives support or enable the business objectives?
  • What is the high-level cost / benefit of each initiative?
  • What are the timing and priorities for your multiple-year plan? What
    is the timing for implementation of each initiative? In what order do
    you propose the IT initiatives be implemented? Why are you proposing
    that order?
  • What is your recommendation for who will implement the initiatives
    (in-house resources, contractors, software providers, a combination,
  • Will the initiatives be run in-house or be implemented as a cloud computing solution?
  • How will you measure success? What will be checkpoints to determine if the strategy is on track?

Imagine that this document is going to the CEO or Board of Directors.
It should include an executive summary abstract of no more than one
page. A single paragraph may be enough to summarize your
recommendations. Your key points should include references that support
the recommendations that you are making. The strategy should include a
high-level, multiple-year plan and must include a cost/benefit analysis.
Your paper should be written following APA format, and should be a
maximum of 15 pages, not including non-content pages (e.g., reference
page, title page, table of contents, etc.). You must have at least
three references, including at least one peer-reviewed article from the