worth fifteen points total W r i t i n g

worth fifteen points total W r i t i n g

Welcome! This is our third weekly discussion.

  • Each week you are to post a thoughtful answer to the prompt and leave a thoughtful reply to at least TWO other student’s posts.
  • Good rule of thumb for length: A good original discussion post should have at least 325 words total (for all sections)
  • You will be participating in a discussion within a smaller “class” of about 20 students so you can better get to know your fellow students in a smaller group and for consistency.
  • Each weekly discussion is worth fifteen points total and must be completed by the Sunday 11:59pm deadline. No “makeups” or participation allowed after the 11:59 Sunday deadline.
  • Take some time with this to give honest posts and real replies. (Don’t rush through it – nobody likes fakes!) The goal of classroom discussions in meaningful interaction with your fellow students. The idea is that you will get to know your classmates and learn then from each other. 
  • To receive full credit each week you must reply to the prompt with an organized and thoughtful answer at least one paragraph in length for each section and your two replies must also be thoughtful answers at least a paragraph in length. 

This week’s prompt:

This weeks prompt has four sections. Please organize and separate your response to reflect these four sections:

  1. What did you find the most interesting in what you learned week three (consciousness, developmental psych and personality) of the course? Anything that you think might stay with you long after this course is over? Describe to the class what that was and include relevant vocab
  2. There were FIVE required videos to watch after the lectures on page 3.5 Online Video Links. Take one or two videos and summarize the content in your own words (simpler terms). Next connect the content in that video to material we went over from the corresponding chapters and lecture. Please include relevant vocab for good practice.
  3. Lets connect Development Psychology to your day to day life. Connect one of Piaget’s Four Stages of Development to a friend or family members life (perhaps a child, little sibling or niece/nephew) OR choose one of Erickson’s Eight Stages of Development and connect that stage to yourself, a close friend or a family member. To complete this question please be specific as to WHICH stage you are referring to using proper vocab and correct milestones for that stage
  4. What did you find perhaps a little unclear about the content this week of the course? Any questions perhaps your fellow students could answer?

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