works two jobs H u m a n i t i e s

works two jobs H u m a n i t i e s

For this assignment, students will be placed into groups. The instructor will create the groups and email each student a list of the students in their group. Each student must choose a partner from their assigned group to complete the assignment as follows:

  1. As you read through the following case study, consider your role as the Human Services professional in this scenario.

    Matthew is a 15-year-old Hispanic male. He struggles with making friends and has a number of absences from school. Matthew’s mother is a single mother who has had issues with substance abuse in the past but is now in recovery. She works two jobs and often relies on Matthew for child care of his 8-year-old younger sister. A teacher has referred Matthew and his mother to you, the school family advocate. The teacher informs you that Matthew has revealed he hates school because he is not learning anything and does not like the other kids. The teacher expresses concerns to you regarding Matthew’s demeanor and the possibility of him dropping out of school. A meeting with Matthew and his mother has been scheduled with you for Friday morning.

  2. Each student (in the role of the school family advocate) will individually create a list of 10 pre-interview questions to use when meeting with Matthew and his mother.
  3. Once individually created, students will share their interview questions with their partner. Students should critique their partners questions with each other and then combine the lists, creating one list of 10 pre-interview questions from both students.
  4. Each student will submit the same final list of questions as their partner’s. For each question, a detailed explanation of why it was chosen should be included, based on the critiques done by the partners.
  5. In addition to the pre-interview questions, each student will submit a one-page reflection that details the process of working with a partner to create a pre-interview questionnaire. The reflection should include a discussion of the challenges faced by doing the assignment with another student as well as thoughts on the effects the pre-interview questions might have when working with clients.

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