works cited list using mla format W r i t i n g

works cited list using mla format W r i t i n g

Reinforce your understanding of how to annotate a text and use your individually improved annotation style.

Continue to use pre-reading strategies as PPC and active reading strategies like TIPS to add to your effective reading strategies.

  • Reinforce your understanding of and add details to the components of a college level essay.
  • Determine a focus for your second essay on a topic you are passionate about.
  • Continue to use DVC library search to look for specific articles on your topic.
  • Continue your practice of writing an effective introduction and thesis.  
  • Continue to use the 3-Level Thesis Approach to generate and revise your thesis statement.
  • Continue to develop body paragraphs using “Tell me,” “Show me,” “So what?” approach.
  • Reinforce your ability to identify with relative ease subject and verb units in simple and complex sentences.
  • Continue to apply sentence and paragraph focus to your own writing.  
  • Reinforce your ability to identify the difference between sentences and phrases.
  • Reinforce your to identify and correct fragments and run-together sentences.
  • Continue to apply subject and verb agreement proofreading strategies.
  • Successfully cite sources in the body of your essay and in a works cited list using MLA format (Modern Language Association).
  • Write a successful essay.
  • Task:Compose a 3-5 page (750 to 1,250 words) essay that provides your readers with1)    a rich description, story or vivid example of your experience with social media (make your readers fully live that experience through attention to all of our senses); 2)    your developed opinion of this example (the ways you feel it is positive, negative and/or mixed); and3)    references to and discussion of (a conversation or dialogue with) a minimum of two texts we’ve read for this unit as further support (in addition to any other articles, your personal experience and your discussion board points) for your thoughtful discussion.Examples of your experience with social media to choose from:
  • Describe and comment on a digital courtship/dating moment.
  • Describe and comment on a digital miscommunication moment; what could have been done to prevent it?  What type of digital etiquette or rule(s) was breached or not followed?

Describe and comment on male or female perspectives in digital communication.

Given that Millenials, people 25 to 40 years old, and Gen Z’ers, people 6 to 24 years old, are digital natives, people who’ve grown up in a digital world, describe and comment on a time when you had conflict with someone who’s not a digital native.

Your Thesis:Your thesis will express your opinion on social media, two or more reasons for your belief.  You will need to know why you believe what you believe and use your reasons as the basis of the organization of your paper.  Think of your thesis as an “organizing tool.”

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