week 3 final project submission apa quick guide updated H u m a n i t i e s

week 3 final project submission apa quick guide updated H u m a n i t i e s

Week 3 Final Project Submission

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APA Quick Guide Updated for 7th Edition.pdf

APA Quick Guide Updated for 7th Edition.pdf – Alternative Formats

For your final project you will write a research paper in APA style. (See attached document for formatting examples)

Your completed paper will be due on the last Sunday night, of Week 3 at 11:59 PM, EST. Your paper should have two headings.

  1. Part 1: My Theory of Counseling
  2. Part ll: My Journey to Self-Insight and Personal Growth

Part 1:

  • Choose the theory of counseling that you like best and feel that you would be most comfortable using with your clients.
  • Discuss how you could use this theory in your work and life.
  • Include a bit about the history of this theory including the major theorists.

Part Il:

  • Describe what events in your own life have brought you to your own self-insights and personal growth.
  • Explain how you intend to continue developing your own personal growth.

Be sure to include at least 4 references. One may be your textbook.

*Please use good scholarly references. There are many scholarly references available. Visit your Keiser Library!! There are some fantastic psychology and counseling journals available to you there.

Grading Rubric

Assignment Point Value
Adequately covers the topics using and citing factual information-Meets the required word count 60 points
Uses the required minimum scholarly and credible resources (at least four) 20 points
Uses proper organization, following APA style.*This paper should include title page, and works cited list and use headings. Should include parenthetical citations. Should be double-spaced. (Abstract not required.) 10 points
Spelling/Grammar/Posts word count (1200-1500) 10 points
Total: 100 Points

Final Paper Assignment Requirements (Use as a checklist)

This is not your Grading Grid, only a checklist.

  • Your paper should include a title page, headings, numbered pages as well as the word count included at the end.
  • It should include a strong introduction and conclusion and a works cited page. No abstract is necessary.
  • Double-space your paper and indent each paragraph.
  • Use a 12 pt. Arial or Times New Roman font. Your word count should be at least 1200 words.
  • Minimum of four (4) cited sources (one can be your text) using the parenthetical citations and the works cited page. Do NOT use Wikipedia as it is not considered to be a scholarly and reliable resource.
  • Use APA format and parenthetical citations right after cited material. (*See attached document for more information and watch the video(s) in the “Getting Started” area for more help.)

*Also remember:
There will be a 10pt. penalty for each day the assignment is late. It is due Sunday, by midnight, at the end of week 3. Being on time helps you get a higher score.

*There will be a 100 pt. penalty for plagiarizing. This means that if you plagiarize work you will receive a Zero. If in doubt, cite, cite, cite.

Last, but not least, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Here are some additional writing help for your convenience:

Parenthetical (In-Text) Citations

A parenthetical (in-text) citation is when you place the source in parenthesis ( ) right after the sentence you cited instead of waiting until the end of the paper. It helps the reader to know exactly what sentences and paragraphs are taken from particular sources.

  • Place the author’s name and the source’s date of publication in parentheses immediately after the end of the cited material. If it is a direct quote, include the page number as well. For example:
    • “Psychology is defined as the science of behavior and mental processes” (Coon, 2012, p. 12).
    • If you have paraphrased the information then you do not need to include the page number. For example: Psychology is a scientific field that specifically studies both mental processes and the associated behaviors (Coon, 2012).

Helpful Tips:

  • Always use spell and grammar check
  • Make sure you indented the paragraphs (5 spaces in)
  • Balance – Each paragraph should be similar in length
  • Review the APA video and resource in Student Resources under Course Home
  • You can send your paper to the Keiser OWL (Online Writing Lab) for review and to ask for help.