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I will give you my canvas and you can log in and see the details for yourself you just need to pick a topic and do it the instructions are below.

The ABC Company has been engaged in the practice of [topic] for some time and that practice seems to have worked well. Recently, a new CEO was hired, and she has requested a top-to-bottom review of all such practices. To get a complete picture of [topic] you have been assigned to support (For) or refute (Against) that topic. You have been asked to create a persuasive message espousing the assigned position. You have not been asked to suggest any actions, only why ABC Company should or should not engage in the practice of [topic].


  1. Research the topic you have been assigned.
    • Use the MSU library to search for credible, third party research and information to support your argument.
    • You will need to find at least 3 credible sources (Example: scholarly journal articles, pewreserach.org, Wall Street Journal article).
  1. Write a memo to me in the proper memo format (see Canvas for this format). The final memo should be about 2.5-3 pages in business format (not including your references on a References page at the end of your report). Business format is 12-point font, left justified text, no indented paragraphs, and a line space between each paragraph.
  2. Your memo should contain the following sections:
    • Start with an opening paragraph stating the purpose of the memo – why you are writing this.
    • About XXXX: Provide a short description of the topic and why it is controversial.
    • Position: Briefly discuss your position on the topic and tell me why you believe this.
    • Research: Discuss the current research that supports your position. This section must summarize data from your sources.
      • State who conducted the research, the sample size, and what the findings were.
      • This can be a few paragraphs as needed.
      • Include in-text citations in APA format. (Go online and look up how to do in-text citations and references in APA format).
      • Include two charts and/or graphs and interpret them. Refer to them within your report. You must show evidence that you understand the information being conveyed in the charts/graphs and how it supports your position.
    • Conclusion: Summarize the importance of the topic and restate your position. This is where your persuasive messaging skills matter.
    • End with a paragraph that tells me how to reach you if I have questions.
    • Use section titles in bold to denote the sections of your memo (e.g., About, Position, Research, Conclusion). Your intro paragraph and last paragraph do not need a section title

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