voluntary unit 3 exam discussion forum W r i t i n g

voluntary unit 3 exam discussion forum W r i t i n g

The readings on sleep discuss what is known as seasonal affective disorder. As the days get shorter there is less opportunity for exposure to daylight. That can result in one’s circadian rhythm becoming out of sync, causing sleep disturbances and feelings of depression. In a normal year there are increases in reported cases of depression, suicides and suicide attempts, domestic disturbances as well as increases in alcohol and drug abuse during the winter months.

I’ve mentioned before my concerns about the effect of all that is currently going on around us. The lockdowns and shuttering of places where social gatherings normally take place such as bars, restaurants, clubs, gyms, schools and churches severely limit opportunities for social interaction. But we need social interaction. The level of social isolation many are feeling may also generate feelings of depression. Spending more time in isolation often causes people to start spending more time ruminating on their thoughts, particularly negative thoughts. Yet another factor that can lead to feelings of depression. And other research shows that uncertainty and lack of control over the events affecting one’s life are also tied to feelings of depression. And as people start to feel depressed they often turn to alcohol and drugs in an attempt to self-medicate and feel better. In the short term that may provide an escape, but in the long term it generally increases feelings of depression.

At present we’re looking at a perfect storm as all of these factors are coming together at the same time. All factors that play a role in depression. Many people are simply not equipped to deal with this. In terms of mental health this could be potentially disastrous.

Now for this discussion, I’d like you to look at this from the opposite point of view. How are each of you managing to deal with all of this? Share your ideas on coping strategies, ways of distracting yourself from negative thoughts and whatever else you’ve found that helps you stay positive amidst all that continues to disrupt our lives.

For instance, I make it a point to get out and take a walk everyday. That allows me to get some sun and clear my head. I’ve been doing a lot of writing as I’ve been expanding on my lecture handouts to generate the readings for this class as well as coming up with ideas for the reflections and discussions. Although a lot of work, it is also a positive and creative exercise that provides a sense of accomplishment. Another thing I’ve been doing throughout the pandemic is working on my cooking abilities. The salmon I made last night was awesome! And then there’s Roku. All sorts of fun distractions to be found on Roku.

So that’s the idea, share with each other how you’re effectively dealing with life during the pandemic. Hopefully we can learn from each other and generate a kind of pandemic during winter survival guide.

Although this really relates to next week’s topics, I’m posting it this week to give you extra time. That means more good ideas. I also realize you may want to take a break from school over the holiday weekend. Try to make your initial submission by the end of the weekend. Then sometime next week respond to a couple of your peers. The official due date is 11:59 pm on December 6th.

This will be the final discussion this semester, except for the voluntary Unit 3 Exam discussion forum. I must say I’ve been really impressed with the quality of discussions this semester. They’ve shown how well you’ve mastered and understood the concepts. But they’ve also shown your willingness to share your experiences and show support and encouragement to each other. Very cool. 🙂

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