ver este documental sobre la vida de la lupe F o r e i g n L a n g u a g e s

ver este documental sobre la vida de la lupe F o r e i g n L a n g u a g e s

Proyecto parcial (Midterm)

  1. Ver este documental sobre la vida de La Lupe: https:// estas tres áreas de contexto histórico, con 2-3 fuentes (“sources”) que no son Wikipedia.
    a. La revolución cubana
    b. La santería
    c. La compañía Fania
  2. El viernes en clase vamos a trabajar en grupos con el contexto histórico.

Si faltas *** If you missed one of the class days ***
You must write a paragraph about one of the above topics, in Spanish. You will not be able to say everything you want to say, but you should be able to come up with 5-7 solid phrases about it. Please include 2 websites or sources that you used to complete the assignment, beyond Wikipedia. Please this is an introductory class and i don’t want to sound too perfect because I don’t know Spanish. Can this be done first

Proyecto final: fecha límite 17-Dic

For this final project you will narrate a short story in 10-12 sentences. It can be a children’s story, a comic book, fairy tale, or something you make up. I am more interested in your language than the actual story. You will record yourself telling the story out loud.

A few options:

– make a PowerPoint with pictures for the story. Record yourself in a Zoom meeting alone while you share the PowerPoint and speak out loud.

– use your own drawings, photos, or the illustrations in an existing book while you tell the story. record yourself speaking and showing the images with your phone or any other device.

– use props and/or home objects to demonstrate (or act out) the story while you narrate out loud and record on any device.

1. Write the story: at least 3 sentences in the imperfect for description. At least 5 sentences in the preterit for action and decisions. At least 2 sentences of dialogue.

2. Find/draw/create at least 4 images or objects. This is not art class but the images will help me understand that you are saying what you mean to say in the story.

3. Record the story. Upload to YouTube (privately) and post the link and text on OpenLab.

Rubric (5/5 for an A, 4/5 for a B, etc)

1. Submission of video

2. Submission of texts

3. Use of necessary grammar and appropriate vocabulary

4. Story is coherent

5. Narration is comprehensible

This second part I don’t really understand it. I need help with this because not only do I not have a story in mind. I don’t have a computer to do PowerPoints. Option 1&2 sound doable. I don’t mind if you can attach the pictures for the story and put everything accordingly like how the story goes so I’ll be able to present it and illustrate with pictures. If you can do a PowerPoint slide, or just send pictures for the story I’ll figure it out. Thanks

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