using lower case letters H u m a n i t i e s

using lower case letters H u m a n i t i e s

Measure numbers

In this assignment we’ll analyze the phrase structure of Schumann’s Of Foreign Lands and People, which you see at the bottom of the page. Before we begin, however, let’s review the concept of measure, which is introduced in the text in Part I, Chapter 3, in the section on meter. Measures are easy to see in music because they divide the staff into segments by the use of a vertical line called a bar line. For instance, the following diagram shows a staff divided into 4 measures:

Bar lines

From this we can see that the first line of the Schumann piece, shown at the bottom of the page, is 8 measures long.

8 bars

Notice that in that diagram below I’ve shown all measure numbers for the first line, then just the beginning measure number for each remaining line. You can easily determine a specific measure number in the middle of the line by just counting measures.

Assignment 6: Melodic Phrases

This piece consists of 6 phrases, so in the notation each line of the piece is a separate phrase.

Among other things, I want you to tell me what the phrase structure of the piece is. Using lower case letters only, the first phrase is always identified by the letter a. Contrasting phrases will be identified as b, c, etc. Remember, identical phrases will be designated by the same letter. Phrases that are similar, but only to a degree, will be designated with a “prime” mark, such as a’. You won’t need any prime designations for this piece.

Answer the following questions:

  1. What is the phrase structure of the piece? Remember, use lower case letters here.
  2. Identify each phrase as consisting of primarily steps, skips, or a mixture of the two.
  3. What is the tempo? You’ll need to use only one tempo for your answer.
  4. Is the tempo constant during the entire piece, or does it slow down momentarily at various times? If it slows, indicate exactly where that happens, using specific measure numbers in your answer.
  5. What is the meter?

Here is Schumann’s Of Foreign Lands and People, with the notation provided below the sound file.

Play media comment.

Of Foreign Lands and People

Foreign Lands and People notation

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