use proper citation rules H u m a n i t i e s

use proper citation rules H u m a n i t i e s

Online Exhibition Responses (30% of your grade) – Research two online exhibits to explore the connections between dress, the fashion system, and society. The exhibition response is a 2-3 page paper that includes: (1) A thoughtful reflection; (2) thought-provoking questions related to how it connects to the course material as a whole; (3) how it connects to your possible final project topic. Inquires must include how the exhibition is viewed, curated, and lives in the digital representation.

Two fashion exhibits should have history reference

How can I relate to final project? question (3)

This is final project to the requirement (Drawing upon themes and ideas presented in lectures, readings, discussions, digital investigations, each student will focus on one topic that relates to their design practice and/or personal interests and beliefs. The research project will culminate in a creative, visual presentation that situates each student’s chosen topic into a larger cultural context. For inspiration, topics may include but are NOT limited to: a sociopolitical issue in fashion, an in-depth study of a fashion object/trend, profiling a subculture or another group’s style of dress, analyzing cultural appropriation in fashion, examining issues related to sex/gender in fashion, exploring issues related to labor and sustainability, etc. (Basically, whatever makes YOU feel passionate!)

Possible format options include a short film, a business proposal, a physical project (i.e. original clothing designs, photography series, etc.), a digital proposal, a traditional research paper, a website/social media campaign, etc. All format options should also include an executive statement (5-6 page slide & 2-3 page paper) that explains the process and meaning behind the project. *if you are choosing a final paper format it must be 4-6 pages. In any format, projects should include primary and secondary research related to your topic such as pertinent background information, theoretical analysis, related people/figures, social issues, political issues, economic issues, geographical locations, relationships between history and today, etc.)

  • Be typed in a 11-12 point font (Times New Roman or Arial)
  • All images must have proper citations or source links. Use proper citation rules from The Chicago Manual of Style (when necessary)

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