two hands must stay H e a l t h M e d i c a l

two hands must stay H e a l t h M e d i c a l

We conducted fitness assessments at the beginning of the semester.   Given our current circumstances, we will be unable to test together I would like you to conduct your own “mini” fitness assessment.  Feel free to involve your family too! 

You got this!  Have fun:). (Links to an external site.)

Follow along with this video for your assessment.

https:// (Links to an external site.)

Fitness Assessment Guidelines

You will conduct a fitness assessment at home, on your own, or in class if we are in person.  The benefits of a fitness assessment include:

Assess current fitness levels.

Help develop and establish a fitness program.

Identify possible areas of health or injury risk.

Aid in motivation.

Evaluate and track progress.

Step One: Take a resting heart rate for one minute.  Sit quietly and take your pulse.  It is best to do this when you first wake up in the morning.  To check your pulse at your wrist, place two fingers between the bone and the tendon over your radial artery — which is located on the thumb side of your wrist. When you feel your pulse, count the number of beats in 15 seconds. Multiply this number by four to calculate your beats per minute.

Step Two: Walk or jog one mile.  This is four laps around a traditional track or use GPS on your phone or watch to go the distance of one mile.  Time yourself for the mile and record the number.  If you are not able to complete this, find a sturdy chair.  Time yourself for one-minute sitting down in the chair (all the way down) and standing up.  The goal is to see how many times you can sit down and stand up in one minute.

Step Three: Push-ups, time yourself for one minute, how many can you do?  Record the number and which push-up you do so you are consistent each time with the same push-up.

Step Four: Abdominal crunches, time yourself for one minute, how many can you do?  One to two hands must stay on the legs, and the shoulders need to touch the ground.  Record the number.