two examples provide enough detail H u m a n i t i e s

two examples provide enough detail H u m a n i t i e s

n this assignment, you will make note of the company that you are interested in writing your Academic Report about and then will identify several specific types of information that you could use in the Report as evidence.

There are different types of information available to you and your job is to identify each of the following that you could pursue:

A book

An academic journal article

A magazine article

A website article (something that only appears online, such as a news website, tech blog, etc.)

A social media account (for example, the Instagram account company that you are writing about)

A specific person that you could interview (someone who works there, an author who has written about the company, etc. – you do not need to know this person but it cannot be vague; it must be a real and specific person)

An audio/video resource (a podcast, news video, etc.)

Information from the company itself (press release, quarterly report, content on its website, etc.)

To clarify, you are not required to use all of these diverse types of information for your Academic Report. However, I need to see your ability to locate a variety of different sources of information that you could potential use.

To complete this assignment, include the following:

Specific information about each of the eight listed types of information above. Include a full description of the source and a brief description of the type of information and how it could be useful to you. You do not need to format each one in APA/MLA but you must include enough information for me to know what it is (title of the book, title of the article, name of the academic journal, name of the podcast, etc.) For example, if I were writing about Apple:

BOOK: A book that I am considering is Ken Kocienda’s Creative Selection: Inside Apple’s Design Process During the Golden Age of Steve Jobs. Kocienda was a software engineer at Apple for 15 years and was a part of the team that developed iOS. His insights into Apple’s design process and operations could prove helpful.

PERSON: A former colleague of mine, Kat Hash, worked for Apple for two years as a Project Manager in Apple’s Learning & Development and could serve as a potential interview resource. She would have insight into Apple’s education/training programs, which could prove helpful for this Report.

As you can see, these two examples provide enough detail for the reader to see the specifics of the source of information.

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