topicessay questionon 25 september 2015 W r i t i n g

topicessay questionon 25 september 2015 W r i t i n g

The purpose of the assignment is to provide students with the opportunity to demonstrate their research skills. In researching and writing an essay, students will investigate the topic and develop a greater understanding of the topic by analysing, evaluating, interpreting, integrating and applying their research. The assignment provides further opportunities for students to take responsibility for their own learning.

You are advised to commence researching the essay topic as early as you can. Do not wait for all of the material that is relevant to the essay to be covered in class. The word limit for the essay is 6000 words (including footnotes and citations of references).

At least 24 references, 4/per 1000 words

Don’t copy from other essay

Talk about law and policy after 2015 and need related to this topic

Essay Question

On 25 September 2015, countries adopted the sustainable development goals to protect the planet, ensure prosperity and end poverty. Each goal has targets that are to be delivered over the next 15 years and “for the goals to be reached, everyone needs to do their part: governments, the private sector, civil society and people like you” (see: http:// analyse the role of law and policy in reaching these goals and their targets, and highlight both opportunities and challenges for successfully implementing the sustainable development goals. When conducting this analysis, you should make reference to at least two sustainable development goals, including whether and how they relate to each other. Your answer should also examine relevant international law and policy and its connection with domestic law and policy (in a country or countries of your choosing, e.g. Australia).


Marks for the essay will be awarded reflecting the level of overall achievement across the following areas:

Structure and organisation

Expression, grammar and style

Referencing, footnotes and bibliography

Use of readings

Introduction, context and research question

Explanation of legal framework

Critical thought and analysis

Strength of argument and consideration of counter argument

Quality of conclusions, recommendations and proposals

Originality and creativity of approach.

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