times new roman using 12 W r i t i n g

times new roman using 12 W r i t i n g

Hello Hannah,

This is the final paper, yay! I hope that you are still available. We have 4 days(5 counting today) til it needs to be done.

I just want to tell you again how much i have enjoyed this experience with you. Thank you so much for your attention to detail and all the notes. I didn’t do the original essay that had the citations. Another tutor from here did but i did find 1 or two by googling the sentences.

Notes from teacher:


-Your hook is more engaging and draws your reader in. Good!

-You write delicately about the issue at first, so as not to lose your audience-no matter what their opinion. Well done!
-I have always been a fan of your thesis statement. 🙂

– Use “furthermore” sparingly. It may not be the best fit for your second body paragraph.

-Your topic sentences are clear and straightforward, and directly related to your thesis.

-You are doing very well and have great supporting evidence. Check out the APA video I posted just to make sure your APA formatting is tight. (Pay close attention to the reference format in APA.)

Week 8 Writing Assignment: Final Paper

Submit the final draft of your research paper, incorporating the feedback you previously received on your draft, as well as further revisions you have made.

Signature Assignment: Argumentative Essay (Full Instructions)

See the rubric for specific grading criteria.

Points: 200

Signature Assignment Requirements: Argumentative Paper

  1. You will write an essay designed to convince your audience to agree with your viewpoint on a controversial topic of current interest in the world.
  2. You will be required to incorporate a minimum of five outside sources, two of which should be scholarly, for this assignment.
  3. You must include an APA-formatted reference page, otherwise known as a bibliography.
  4. You must include APA-formatted in-text citations for each outside source listed on your reference page.
  5. Your essay must be a minimum of three pages long, not including your title page or reference page.
  6. Your paper should be written using APA formatting, typed in Times New Roman using 12-point font, double spaced with one-inch margins, and indented first lines for each new paragraph. An APA-formatted title page is require

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