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This paper should be 3000 words excluding the cover page and reference list. Please it should not be less than 3000 words. Should be in APA referencing style. It should have 20 references ranging from 2010 to 2020 and not older than that. further, it should be written in times new roman font size of 12 and double spaced. THIS formatting must be followed. Make sure you also include subtopics for effective flow of the work. No plagiarism or spinning content.

paper instructions

As a freshly minted business professional, you have secured a position with a mid-size consulting firm that develops and delivers ethical code of conduct training for a diverse group of organizations. As the new chief training officer, you have been tasked with designing a new ethics module that is comprehensive in scope, however, flexible enough to be used in a variety of industries. For example, your clients range from universities to automobile manufactures. Your objective is to create an ethics training module that is predicated on a particular moral framework.

In order to do so effectively, you are charged with providing scholarly justification for how you arrived at your selected moral framework and why the chosen framework will be effective in a variety of industries. Once you have successfully accomplished this portion of your task, the final element is to provide a 1-2-page synopsis of three different modules of the code of conduct training. One module should address aspects relate to people, one should state issues dealing with profits and the final component should focus on the planet.

As you formulate your response to which moral framework will serve as the underpinning of your training module, please be sure to provide scholarly justification for how and why you selected the particular moral framework. In doing so, it is important to illustrate how the ethical framework is comprehensive in nature in order to promote ethical behavior, while also flexible enough to be used in a plurality of different industries. The ideal response should be between 10-12 APA formatted pages.