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Sociology is the study of society, patterns of social relationships, social interaction, and culture.

Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words:

  • Do you think crime and criminality are a choice or are some people predisposed to criminal behavior based on sociological constructs? Explain your answer.

After these are 2 student posts and you must respond 50 words each response. whether you agree or disagree.. state facts and opinions.

1)In my opinion crime and criminality are a person’s choice. You can be born into a family where someone is a criminal but be taught what’s right and what’s wrong. Now I’m not saying that just because you know right from wrong that you won’t make the wrong choice because sometimes the society around us can influence how we think and act. I grew up poor, moved around a lot and ended up in a not so good neighborhood, I have had to find ways to eat at times now because I was poor people could have thought “oh well she is poor, so you know she is a thief” however I never let what I was going through cause me to steal. The world around us can have an effect on the choices we make and sometimes they may not be the right choices, but I don’t think that anyone is predisposed to be a criminal. My uncle was a not so good guy who had done some bad stuff in his lifetime; however, his kids are great kids they didn’t turn to crime just because they were born into that life.

2)I think criminal behavior can be a little bit of both taught and learned from pass experiences. However, as a young child being exposed you end up usually with violence in your mind. Being able to accept this and how your reactions to any circumstances can help decrease your criminal behavior. I believe that everyone that goes through something you should seek help from a therapist. Others have no choice and sometimes are forced to do things that are not acceptable. At the end of the day everyone is given the same 24 hours to make choices to prevent them for making criminal activity.

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