thoroughly respond using apa formatting B u s i n e s s F i n a n c e

thoroughly respond using apa formatting B u s i n e s s F i n a n c e

This case study is on page 536-541. Please try your best I know you provide the best service on here!

For your case study, write out the question and thoroughly respond using APA formatting (example: in-text citations, double spacing, etc.). You do not need a cover sheet, running head, or an abstract, but you are required to have a separate “Works Cited” page. Generally, a quality case study is approximately three pages or about 3/4 of a page double spaced for each response. This does not including the “Works Cited” page. Your responses should be supported by at least one primary or secondary source per question.

My expectation is that your responses will be succinct, and that they will be supported by both key facts from the case study and from your source data. In reading your responses, it should be clear to me that you have read the entire case study, and haven’t tried to respond by “cherry picking” information that only pertains to the question. If anything, your issue is not going to be that you don’t have enough information to respond to the question. Instead, it will be keeping your response succinct. Please review the section in the syllabus on acceptable source data before beginning.

Your responses should also address the following three questions:

  1. What is the main issue?
  2. Who are the primary stakeholders?
  3. What did the company do? Is there anything else they could have done to address their issue?

Sometimes the issues aren’t so obvious. For example, in the Starbucks case study, the company is concerned with expanding their brand in a socially responsible manner. To do so, they needed to address the needs of their primary stakeholders. Who are they and what actions did Starbucks take? Lastly, evaluate what Starbucks did to expand their brand in a socially responsible manner. Were they successful? Is there anything else they could have done? These responses should be incorporated in to your response questions.

MAIN QUESTION that needs to be answered:

1. What were some of the red flags that fraud was occurring?

2. Describe some of the ways that Rita Crundwell was able to get away with the fraud for so long?

3. What are some of the internal controls Dixon, Illinois has implemented to prevent fraud in the future?

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