summary analyzing various communication concepts within H u m a n i t i e s

summary analyzing various communication concepts within H u m a n i t i e s

The character that I chose are Pam and Michael from The Office… the essay must be supported on the answer that I wrote in the attachment file, since that homework was based on this essay that u are gonna write as a review made for the professor to see how we were working on this final project which is the essay.


Students will complete a summary analyzing various communication concepts within a character relationship from a TV show or film of their choice. Students should provide:

an overview of the show/film and characters chosen (context for those who have never seen or heard of these characters)

a summary of the show and its plot as well as the perception the audience might have of the characters chosen

analysis of Nonverbal Communication and 2 additional concepts of their choice (answering the questions from the writing guide)

**Although this is not an essay, it should be in complete sentences. You will be using this summary for your Character Communication Digital Poster at a later date. **

Nonverbal Communication (required)

kinesics (body language), paralanguage (vocal manipulation), haptics (tactile communication), proxemics (space/distance), chronemics (time) and objects/artifacts (clothing and accessories)

o identify the nonverbal codes and explain how they contribute to the overall communication between the characters in the show.

Choose 2 additional concepts to analyze from below:

Attachment style





Johari window

Social penetration model (onion model)

Relational Dialectics

Connection vs. separation

Predictability vs. novelty

Openness vs. privacy

Conflict Management Style







Questions to Answer/Things to Address in Your Analysis

Required for all:

Overview and Summary of the Show

What are the key things to understand about this relationship and these characters? Think about personal history, self-concept, culture etc.

What is the audience likely to think about this character (perception)?

What type of relationship is this? (family, friend, romantic, etc)

What are the character(s)’ communication goals in this plot? Is the character effective at achieving them?

Nonverbal Communication:

Describe the character(s)’ nonverbal communication style. How do they utilize (or fail to utilize) kinesics, paralanguage, proxemics, haptics, chronemics, and artifacts? Is it effective for their communication goals?

Choose 2 additional concepts from this list:

Attachment Style:

Is this a complementary or symmetrical relationship? Why?

What kind of attachment style do these characters have? Why?


How did these characters become close to one another?

Describe the characters self-disclosure. What did they reveal about themselves and why? (You may use either the Johari window or the social penetration model.)

Relational Dialectics:

Describe any dialectic tensions that the characters in this relationship have to manage. How do they deal with the tension? Do you think the way they handle it is successful?

Conflict Management Style:

Describe the character(s)’ conflict management style. How is this style shown? (It would help to use a specific example/conflict here. Is the style used effective for their communication goals

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