submitting works cited page — new blank page — H u m a n i t i e s

submitting works cited page — new blank page — H u m a n i t i e s


1. Include the authors’ names and the titles of the stories you are using

  • It makes sense to do this earlier on in your introduction so that your readers are not confused about what you are summarizing 

2. Summarize basic background information from the story that is related to your essay subject or general topic

  • Your goal here is to give readers basic information to set up your topic/subject
  • Do not go into detail here about your thesis or your reasoning
  • Do not give your opinion
  • Remember that too much information in your introduction will confuse readers and defeats the purpose of an introduction
  • Your goal is to give readers necessary basic / background information to set up or lead into your thesis sentence—so that your thesis fits into your introduction smoothly

3. Include your thesis sentence (at the end of your introductory paragraph)

  • State your thesis in ONE sentence AND underline or highlight it
  • It should in some way provide an answer to the question in your topic


1. Indent (5 spaces) and Start your paragraph with your Main Point (sentence)  

  • Underline or  highlight it

2. Use accurate evidence from “The Murder” by John Steinbeck: 

  • To develop /support /prove your main point thoroughly
  • Summarize /paraphrase /quote as needed to incorporate textual material into your Essay
  • You must explain how / why this information from the text supports your point
  • Textual information should NOT be left to stand on its own
  • YOU have to tie things together or make connections between any evidence from your text, and your point for readers
  • DO NOT assume readers know what you mean or can see what you mean
  • It is your job as a writer to break things down for readers so that they can easily see and understand your point of view 

3. Include your thoughts or analysis to show your critical thinking skills:

  • YOUR observations /comments /judgements /opinions /reasoning /insights about your main point and the textual details you use as support
  • Anything stated in the text (story) or is obvious in the text, is NOT your thought—this is evidence from the story or textual material
  • YOUR thoughts originate or come from your thinking, knowledge, observations…
  • In your analysis, be sure to tell readers WHY your main point is a good reason for Jelka and Jim to stay together OR not—your goal here is to convince readers that your reason, is a good reason for your Thesis or position on this topic
  • Use your External Source to help improve analysis (critical thinking) OR further develop at least ONE main point in your essay
  • Use the same skills / techniques you used to include The Murder in your discussion / development
  • Make sure you give credit to your External Source—to avoid Plagiarism

4. Write a concluding sentence (wrap up, ending) for your Main Point

5. Edit / Proofread your development—before Submitting

WORKS CITED PAGE—new blank page—at the back of your essay 

  • Create a Works Cited page with your sources including:
  • The Murder 

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