students must use baccalaureate level writing skills including complete sentences H e a l t h M e d i c a l

students must use baccalaureate level writing skills including complete sentences H e a l t h M e d i c a l

The topic is Myocardial Infarction in nuclear medicine imaging.

The purpose of this report is to reinforce the student’s understanding of a pathologic condition and the medical imaging procedures used for diagnosing such pathology.

Pathology reports will include in-text citations because the information presented must be based on published scholarly information from reliable sources and cannot be created from a person’s own experiences. Unless information is common knowledge, the source should be cited.

Students must cite at least 4 credible sources of information about the pathology.Students may cite the current textbook for this course as one source of information, but they may NOT use other pathology, physiology, or radiology textbooks. Information in textbooks can be outdated by the time they are published. Students should use more current information when it is available such as peer-reviewed journals.Journal articles used should be dated within the last 5 years.Students will also reference the American College of Radiology Appropriateness Criteria for specific parts of the report (see below.)

Students must use scholarly journal articles or other scholarly sources for information about the pathologies. These articles can be retrieved electronically from databases such as CINAHL which is available through an online connection to Moffett Library. Students should contact the instructor if they are not sure how to gain access to the Moffett Library databases.

Students will only use these credible websites:Centers for Disease Control, Health and Human Services, and World Health Organization.Radiopaedia may be used to obtain images for the report but NOT as a source of information for the body of the report.No other websites are allowed as a source of information.However, images may be obtained from other website sources as long as they are documented correctly. No more than two (2) website sources (other than journal databases) can be used. DO NOT COPY AND PASTE information from websites – see the previous explanation about paraphrasing, synthesizing, and direct quoting.

To encourage more professional communication between technologists and radiologists or other medical professionals, students must consult with a radiologist, physician, nurse practitioner (CFNP), physician assistant (PA), or radiologist assistant (RPA and/or RRA) when preparing this report. Using appropriate APA formatting, the information obtained from the radiologist or other listed medical professional must be cited as a personal communication in the presentation. Incidentally, APA formatting does NOT include sources of personal communication on the reference list. Refer to the APA Manual (7th ed.) for details. In order to receive full credit, documentation of the communication must be correctly formatted.

Report Audience:

For this report, the intended audience is a staff radiographer. Students should present the content based on what the typical staff radiographer already knows. For example, in this pathology report, students do NOT need to explain how x-rays were discovered or how they are produced to support a chest x-ray is an appropriate diagnostic method to demonstrate tuberculosis.


Organization, grammar, spelling, and punctuation count as part of the presentation grade. Students must use baccalaureate level writing skills including complete sentences, correct grammar, and proper punctuation.

Submission Format:

The pathology report must:

Be submitted as one document to include a properly formatted APA title page, body of the report with labeled sections, and a properly formatted APA reference list. See the APA Manual (7th ed.) or the APA course resources for additional help.

  • Be double-spaced.
  • Use 12 point font, Time News Roman.
  • Have page margins (top, bottom, left, and right) set at 1”.

The pathology report should follow this format with attention to page restrictions:

  • Page 1: Title Page in compliance with the APA Manual (7th ed.)
  • The Body (in-text citations) will begin on page two of the report:
    • Description of Pathology (minimum of 1 page, maximum of 2 pages)
      • Describe the pathology you have chosen.
      • What other names are used for this pathology, if applicable?
      • What causes this pathology?
      • How does this pathology affect normal physiology?
    • Diagnostic Methods (minimum of 1 page, maximum of 2 pages)
    • Treatment and Prognosis (minimum ½ page, maximum 1 page)
      • What drugs and treatments are used for the chosen pathology?
      • How do the drugs and treatments affect this pathology?
  • References (1 page, 4 scholarly sources in addition to the ACR Appropriateness Criteria)
  • Appendix (maximum 1 page)
    • Include two (2) images of this pathology. If possible, obtain one radiographic image (radiography) and one image from a different modality (ultrasound, CT scan, MR, nuclear medicine, etc.). Identify the website and/or URL underneath the image. is a free educational radiology resource that has a large collection of images related to radiology.

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