—- steel structure factory —- B u s i n e s s F i n a n c e

—- steel structure factory —- B u s i n e s s F i n a n c e

—- Steel Structure Factory—-

The production planning department prints the drawings for the factory departments: SHEAR, HR, BU, CF, ROUND BAR, QC, PAINT LINE.

There are hundreds of papers per day, and there is a large consumption of papers and printing machines. On some days, printed papers may reach more than 4000 papers.

Sometimes the printed papers arrive with not good accuracy, so the worker cannot read the numbers, and sometimes they lack accuracy, as a certain job is mixed with another job during printing, and most important of all is the delay in delivering the drawings to the departments, as sometimes there is important and necessary work that the production has not received yet This affects and disrupts production as well.

The current project is the IT team testing put technology to solve this problem so that there are iPads initially with leadmen and foremen for the above-mentioned sections so that they can view the drawings directly from the iPad and then fully implement it to all floor shop later if the test is completely successful, a preliminary test was conducted, and it had advantages and disadvantages


Saving the costs of manual printing and the number of daily papers for all departments, Printing machine consumption will be reduced, saving time and no delay.

The workers are impressed by the zooming of the drawings in the iPad as they can see it clearly

This increases performance and accuracy in work and saves time.

You can also benefit from the employee responsible for printing in another job.

Problems: The employees who will be working on the iPads are afraid that the iPads will be broken or stolen, but there are cameras in the factory and the IT manager told them that they will not be held responsible for that.


1- A unique title for the project.

2- Create a project charter for the project.

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