standard font like times new roman W r i t i n g

standard font like times new roman W r i t i n g

unset Boulevard marked the end of Wilder’s collaborations with Charles Brackett. The film was one of a number of collaborations with cinematographer John F. Seitz. Seitz also served as cinematographer for Wilder on Double Indemnity (1944) which is considered one of the most important film noirs in film history. Wilder would later go on to collaborate with screenwriter I.A.L. Diamond on a significant number of films including Some Like It Hot (1959) which starred Jack Lemmon, Tony Curtis and Marilyn Monroe. Some Like It Hot is certainly one of the most important comedy films ever made and according to AFI, it is the greatest comedy film ever made.

Format: The format is 1 page, 12 pt font (Please use a standard font like Times New Roman, Arial, etc.) NORMAL or SINGLE spacing in a .pdf that you will submit here. Please do one of the following to format your answers:

1. Start a new paragraph for the answer to each new question.

please be sure that your answers are thoughtful, concise and critical and that your answers are fully answering each questions

1. Given what you are learning about camera shots, choose 3 different moments in the film where the specific camera shot really helped tell the story. For EACH of your three examples: You need to:

Name the Camera shot, the composition and the angle

Talk about why you think that specific shot was chosen,

What inside information does it tell you about the characters or story?

(For example: In the scene where Norma mistakes Joe for the man who would procure a coffin for her dead friend, Joe recognizes her from her days as a silent star. He remarks that she used to be big. She replies, “I am big. It’s the pictures that got small.” It’s a single and a close up. As Norma’s body shifts, the camera captures her from an angle just below eye level. This gives the viewer the illusion that they are looking up at her. She takes up most of the frame so you as she say that she is big, she is literally big in the frame. A wider shot wouldn’t have had nearly the same impact.)

2. Now, let’s discuss Mise en Scene. I want you to choose 3 different moments (or scenes) where either the location, set dressing, props, lights, sound effects, score, or costumes helped give you an inside glimpse into the world of this film. Be extremely specific and make sure to talk about how it made you feel. DO NOT TALK ABOUT ACTING. Acting is NOT Mise en Scene.

(For example, if you think that populating Norma’s house with pictures of her younger self is an effective choice by the set designer and set decorator, then tell me why you think it is an effective choice. What does it say to us about Norma? How does it help convey aspects of the story and the characters?)

3. What PERSONAL SIGNIFICANCE does this film have for you? (Think outside the box. Look at the RELATIONSHIPS between the characters. How do they talk to each other? About each other?)

4. Why do you think that this film is considered among the greatest ever made? What about it has stood the test of time? How is it still relevant? Why? And if it is no longer significant, why not?

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