spaced 12 pt times new roman H u m a n i t i e s

spaced 12 pt times new roman H u m a n i t i e s

I’m working on a history question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.

The research paper is a 10 page (double-spaced 12 pt Times New Roman, excluding reference list/bibliography).

For your research paper you will examine the way in which a particular human rights story, person or event is or is not represented through a monument in the city of Winnipeg.

You have two choices:

  • Choose a monument in the city of Winnipeg and analyze how it represents a human rights story
  • Make a case for the most important human rights monument that Winnipeg is missing (who or what is not represented and should be?)
  • This is an argument-centered paper – you must present an argument about the representation you are analyzing or proposing (for example its contribution to human rights history, its accuracy or omissions in representation, etc.)

    Suggested Structure

  • Introduction: What is the area you will address? What is your argument?
  • Background: What is the topic, event, issue or individual? How is this an important human rights story?
  • o Be sure to use academic literature to support and inform your background section

  • Monument Description: How is this issue represented through a monument? (or What is currently missing? How you propose this issue, topic, event or individual be represented?
  • Tips on describing monuments:

    o Where is it, What is it, When it was made, is there any text?

    o What does the location, form, size, etc. of the monument suggest about the importance or prominence of this person/issue? If there is more than one person, is there anything suggesting power relationships between them?

    o What is the context of this monument?

    o Who do you think the audience is meant to be?

  • How does this monument / proposed monument represent human rights history in Canada? Key questions:o What is the historical event / who is the historical character? (draw on academic literature)o How does this person/these events relate to human rights in Canada?o What rights are represented directly or indirectly by this monument?o Whose story is this monument telling?o Whose story is it not telling?
  • Proposed Changes / Contextualisation:
  • Text for Plaque: Write a 200 words text in your own words for a plaque to accompany this monument. Your text should reflect your argument. If you are analyzing an existing monument, your monument may or may already have a plaque (in reality), this is your opportunity to present different information.
  • Conclusion: What is the key message of your paper? Are there any next steps you would recommend? (for existing monuments) Are there any barriers to your proposal (for the proposed monument
  • Technical Requirements for All Written Work (Take Home, Paper Proposal, Research Paper)Papers must include a cover page (title, your name, course number, my name, date submitted),bibliography on a separate page. Please feel free to use a style you are comfortable with but ensure astrict adherence to the citation requirements for the style being used.Papers must be typed, double-spaced, with regular margins, use 12-pt. Times New Roman and havenumbered pages. Papers should be written in formal academic English (no contractions (ie it’s, isn’t,can’t, don’t) with attention paid to correct grammar.
    Citation Resources
  • Chicago 16th author-date sample paper:
  • There is a guide to citing legal documents here:

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