sources using apa format W r i t i n g

sources using apa format W r i t i n g

Research Paper

Assignment Purpose, Objectives, and Activities: Through your Research Paper you are examining an issue in contemporary society and joining current discussions about it. You are developing an in-depth investigation, explanation and analysis of the research you find, and a persuasive presentation of your ideas about the topic (by sharing important information you want your reader to consider, or proposing a solution to a problem, arguing for a particular side of a debate, or suggesting a compromise among two or more positions). Remember, as the editors of The Craft of Research suggest, you are trying to “help your reader understand” your topic and be persuaded to follow your argument or the action you propose.

Assignment Expectations and Requirements: If you have successfully completed the prior stages of our work—from the Research Proposal, to the Annotated Bibliography, and your Thesis/Outline/Glossary of Terms—the Research Paper should be relatively straightforward to complete. To fulfill this assignment, then, please present a paper that includes the following:

• An Introduction that provides the reader a clear focus and necessary background information about your topic, and which incorporates the Thesis Statement you developed at the Thesis/Outline stage.

  • Focused and organized Body Sections/Paragraphs that clearly relate to your thesis, follow or evolve from your Outline, and integrate your researched evidence (source material).
  • • A Conclusion that sums up and “answers” your research question (argues a particular side, proposes a solution, asks the reader to consider a variety of actions, etc.).

    Evaluation Criteria: As you prepare your 8-10 page (1600-2000 word) paper for submission, keep in mind the following: You need to include a minimum of three (3) research sources appropriate to your topic and use those sources as evidence to support and prove your thesis; present writing that is mechanically clear and well-organized; and demonstrate awareness/use of appropriate organizational patterns and argument styles (e.g. definition, classification, compare and contrast; See also the Grading Rubric below. Citation: Cite all sources using APA Format. Follow proper in-text citation and References page guidelines (we will review citation formats in the coming weeks). Remember, all sources need to be evaluated for credibility. If you successfully completed and have used the articles from your Annotated Bibliography, none of these requirements should be a problem for you.

    Formatting: 8-10 pages; Typed double-spaced; default 1-inch margins; Times New Roman, font size 12

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