single event worth three points W r i t i n g

single event worth three points W r i t i n g

Three bonus points are available to you for attending extra-curricular program related to innovation and/or entrepreneurship. The work you do to earn these bonus points is completely optional.

You can find a PDF document in the Bonus Point folder (in the main content section of Brightspace) that provides information on pre-approved events / workshops and an indication of how many points are available for attending each. To earn the points you need to attend the event and complete a post-event reflection that you submit to this Brightspace dropbox.

If I hear of additional events that emerge over the semester I will post them to Brightspace. If you hear of an event that you think might be a great way to learn more about innovation, entrepreneurship and/or design thinking that’s not on the list, please send me an email with a description of the event and I’ll determine whether or not it might be able to count for bonus points.

In this folder you can upload reflections for the events you attend. If you attend a single event worth three points then you’ll only upload one reflection to this folder. If you attend three events – each worth one point – you would upload three reflections to this folder.

Your reflections should be 1-2 pages in length and include the following information:

  • Event details: Name of the Event, Date, Time, Location, Speaker / Presenter and link to a website promoting the event (if applicable). I should be able to connect with the organizer to confirm your attendance.
  • Description of the Event: What was the purpose of the event? If you were listening to guest speakers, what were they talking about? If you were attending a workshop or hands-on event, what activities did you undertake? Why were you interested in attending the event?
  • Linkages to Innovation & Entrepreneurship: How did the topics / ideas / activities connect to Innovation and Entrepreneurship? What take-aways emerged for you?
  • Networking: Did you do any networking at the event – did you meet any new acquaintances or connect with event facilitators / guest speakers…any follow-up planned?

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