simple objects representing different elements .. doc file W r i t i n g

simple objects representing different elements .. doc file W r i t i n g

Assignment: For the final assignment of the semester, you will compose in a mode other than the essay or academic paper, while still applying many of the same ideas and concepts we have discussed throughout the class. Every act of communication, whether visual, verbal, or written, takes place between a creator and a receiver, or a rhetor and an audience. You may choose from two options: to tell a story through either 1) an image or 2) a poem, making choices about arrangement, implied and explicit meanings (connotation and denotation), design, etc.

YOU WILL CHOOSE OPTION 1 or 2 from the attached document with further instructions…I have also attached my photo and a short summary of each item belo


Still Life Photo

I selected three objects for this project- a Gold Plated Paris Statute, a healing stone, and a writing journal. The gold plated Paris statute was selected as it is representative of my hopes and dreams. I am a strong believer that all dreams are valid. The gold plated Paris statute communicates that I am a proponent of dreaming big enough and believing that these dreams will come true. The journal has a Bible verse on the top and is significant as it reflects my strong faith in God. I am a strong believer in God’s existence and his love for humanity despite all our faults. I also believe that God enables all our hearts’ desires with faith as long as they are well within his will for one’s life. The third object on the third is a healing stone signifying serenity and peace. This would tell people about my love for positive energy. I believe in manifesting positive energy and practice mindfulness, which helps in taking one day at a time.

The journal is at the center of the arrangement because I believe that God holds my life together. God is the strongest pillar and, therefore, at the center of any undertaking in my life. The two other objects hold equal importance and, therefore, no particular significance in the arrangement. Optimism and positive energy is the connecting factor of the objects. Having faith in God leads to a belief in the possibility of realizing my dreams and aspirations. This then helps in the emanation of positive energy and the feeling of serenity and peace. Composing, in this way, is similar to essay writing in that there is an in-depth analysis of my life to identify the most important elements to be represented. However, the difference comes in that the essay writing is complex, arising from the complexities of the interactions between text. However, still, life photos are simple objects representing different elements.

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