shown demographic trends play W r i t i n g

shown demographic trends play W r i t i n g

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1. How many Americans today are obese? What will that number be by 2020?

The U.S. adult obesity rate stands at 42.4 percent. This is the highest obesity rate that the US population has ever reached. An increase of 26 percent since 2008. Mississippi has the highest obesity rates 40.8 percent among adults and Colorado has the lowest rate at 23.8 percent. Asides from location studies have shown demographic trends play a role in obesity as well with black adults having a 49.6 percent, LatinX obesity rates at 44.8 percent, white adults at 42.2 percent, and Asian adults at 17.4 percent.

2. What is the number one driver of insulin production?

Carbohydrates drive insulin production. Your intestines break down carbs whenever you consume them and convert them into glucose or sugar. The sugar goes into your bloodstream which increases your blood sugar levels. The pancreas releases insulin to control the level of sugar in your blood. The more glucose or sugar in your bloodstream the more insulin your pancreas will release.

3. What are the components of the “Fighting Fat with Fat Diet” and how does it work to curb obesity?

The ketogenic diet, Atkins, or paleo type diet all basically have the principle of removing carbs from your daily diet. Since carbs are typically your primary source of energy by removing them from your diet your body will have to rely on stored fat to provide you with energy. As to answer two states whenever you take in carbs your body converts that into glucose or sugar which raises insulin levels. With a ketogenetic type diet with carbs removed your body will have to start breaking down fat for a fuel source. Fat is broken down in the liver and it produces ketones. The ketones are then used as an energy source vice glucose. I have followed this type of eating and have always seen very positive results. Along with weight loss, I also can go much longer in-between meals and become fuller much faster as well. I do not get that energy rush that I would with consuming carbs but after a few weeks of eating this way my body adapts to it and it is very simple for me to follow this way of eating.

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