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separate microsoft word documents B u s i n e s s F i n a n c e

Module 4: Protective Devices, Regulations and the Law, and the Shoulder

Evaluating Helmet Discussion #1

You have been charged with the job of evaluating all headgear before the next school season. This includes baseball, softball and football helmets. Explain how you would progress in this task. Explain the rationale for any suggestions you make. (150 words)

Improper Care or Modification of Manufactured Discussion #2

Name equipment that athletes and or coaches might alter and discuss the legal liability of doing so. (150 words)

Ignoring a Situation Discussion #3

You have witnessed situations that you feel may be putting the athlete at risk of injury, but the situation is not within your power to change. You decide to approach the athletic director to discuss the situation and what you think should be done about it. What legal concerns are involved in this discussion? What legal issues are in play if the athletic director suggests that you just “ignore” the situation? Discuss what you would do it you were asked to “ignore” the problem. (150 words)

Module 5: Emergency Care and Medical Management of Athletic Injuries, and Head Injuries

Medical Coverage Discussion #1

You recognize that you have very little help in the medical coverage of your sport teams and begin to think of options you would have if an emergency arose. Make suggestions for choosing individuals you could train for the potential emergency situation. Give your rationale for selecting those people for training. (150 words)

Universal Precaution Discussion #2

You have been notified that one of your softball players has been diagnosed as HIV positive but are not told which athlete it is. You ask and are told that this information is confidential and that you should treat all athletes as if they are infected. (150 words)

1. Discuss the pros and cons of this situation from the perspective of infection control.

Your pitcher takes a line drive right in the face and is bleeding profusely.

2. Explain the steps you would take in managing this situation.

3. Include the steps taken to control the bleeding as well as any other evaluation you think should be conducted.

Diabetic Lecture Discussion #3

One of the girls on your college track team has diabetes. She has shared with you some of her fears and concerns. You ask her if you can share this information with the other team members and she gives you the permission to do so. Design a lecture for the team members that will help them recognize the signs, symptoms, and complications of diabetic problems. (150 words)

PLEASE pay close attention to the discussion rubric. Pay attention to only the initial post and mechanics. It will be attached below and assist you with answering the discussion questions. Use powerpoint as guide

Answer all parts of each discussion. Thank you so much.

Place each module in separate Microsoft word documents. So 3 each.

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