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select “ los angeles pierce college .” W r i t i n g

Preparing, Analyzing, & Writing you report
1) Complete “life and work Values.” (Completed in class, check your results from your
a- List your TOP 4 results for: Life and Work Values” (you completed this under Unit # 1
module, ck your results there).
b- Is this Career Choice Compatible with All of your “Life and work Values?”
c- Explain your answer- Why is the career compatible, or not compatible, with all of
your “life and Work Values?” it could be compatible with some of the values and not
with others. 

2) Use the Interest Inventory assessments results completed on line and discuss:
a- List your top three interest areas (you completed this under Unit # 5 – Career
assessments, your personality and career interest results are there under
“personality and Interest inventory”)
b- Explain why is the career compatible or not compatible with your Interests
3) Use the Occupational Handbook to research your chosen career
a- Online version: Google The Occupational Outlook Handbook and go to A-Z index in
the top right corner to find the career option.

Collecting information from “The Occupational Outlook Handbook” and Provide the appropriate
information for the following categories.
#1-9 are listed in the order they appear in the Occupational Outlook Handbook
1- Title of the Career
2- Nature of the work
3- Working Conditions
4- Training or education required
5- Personal traits or skills (found in “Other qualifications”)
6- Advancement Opportunities in the career
7- Job Outlook for the future
8- Earnings
9- Related career or occupations
Note: Be sure you use the title with the information for each category
4) The research requires factual information and level of preparation on your part.
Incorporate descriptive information on the career choice or choices you were able to
gather from assessments (Values, Personality, Interests, etc…) This area must include
academic preparation needed in your chosen career/vocation.  This area must address
the realities of the profession

5) Use

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