select generic topics already covered W r i t i n g

select generic topics already covered W r i t i n g

This project is a presentation format and must include a visual component. This is your capstone project to demonstrate mastery of the course learning objectives including the major theoretical perspectives as well as other key concepts.

1. Select an area of personal interest or a hobby.

  • Be creative and original in choosing and presenting your topic.
  • Think outside the box and choose something meaningful or interesting to you.
  • Do not select generic topics already covered in the text or a general overview topics (e.g. gender inequality, subcultures).

2. Analyze that topic from at least 2 of the main sociological theoretical perspectives (Chapter 1).

3. Support your analysis with additional concepts used throughout the course (i.e.. readings, videos).

  • Apply the sociological approach to your topic.
  • How would a sociologist view/ approach X topic?
  • What components of your topic fit with a specific theory?

Your final project is two parts. You must submit both components to earn a passing grade.

    • 1. A visual presentation (e.g. virtual poster, slideshow, video short) – This is the focus of your project.
      • Your presentation must include (at minimum):
        • Title
        • Introduction/Overview of Topic
        • Content – theory 1 applied
        • Content – theory 2 applied
        • Content – other key concepts applied
        • Summary
        • Visual content (e.g. images, videos, diagrams) to support the above content
    • 2. Supported by a written narrative (2-3 pages maximum/ approximately 500-750 words)
      • Narrative should be a college level essay.

The submission must:

  • Be organized and clear.
  • Include citations and a bibliography.
    • A minimum of two (2) appropriate reference sources other than course text (and other like texts) are required.
  • Apply appropriate sociological terminology throughout your analysis.
    • This assignment should demonstrate your understanding and mastery of the course theories and concepts.
    • Bold and/or underline the course concepts you use in your narrative.

To upload two attachments, upload both files and then submit, otherwise the system will override the prior submission.

  • Test your submission prior to the deadline to avoid issues and penalties.
  • Canvas only accepts certain document formats. Use Google to save if you are having issues. Confirm submission before the deadline.

Note the due date (and submission closing) since this assignment is due prior to the last day of the course.

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