safety needswhich includes employees working within B u s i n e s s F i n a n c e

safety needswhich includes employees working within B u s i n e s s F i n a n c e

After reading the attached case study answer the following;

1- What kind of HRD intervention was presented in the case? explain.

2- What factors keep Starbucks employees motivated at workplace?

3- Choose one motivation theory that you can apply on Starbucks’ employees, and
explain the theory first, then elaborate how can that theory affect the motivation
of the employees?

Note: the note must be not less than 500 words


Reply to below Answers (one of my classmate answers) wither you agree or disagree with justification (150 words)

Q1 Answer:

Starbucks is a big organization producing coffee and offering its services to its customers. focusing on the relationship between positive work culture and employee motivation to enhances efficiency and the productivity of the employees & work environment as well. First of all, they worked to select people that fits with the company culture and make an effort in retaining its skilled employees. By selecting best applicant for the job, the organization will get good performance of employees. Moreover, providing a friendly company environment and an open culture not only retain and motivate employees, but also brings loyal customers in trusting the company brand. If an employee has a positive interaction with customer, definitely customer will be come back.

In addition, provide training is essential for organizational development. Like, Training is given to new applicant to teaches them with basic organizational knowledge Their intensive training consists of knowledge of store operations, procedures, supervising people. Part of their main objectives was to enforce the company’s values, principles, and even knowledge of Starbucks history and coffee.

Different types benefits programs are providing to motivate the employees so they can offer full to the Starbucks. Part time and full time staff are enjoying the benefits. Such as, A flexibly, work-life balance, health insurance, and dental.

All of that will reflect in the company’s culture which resulted in the commitment of its employees and loyalty of its customers.

Q2 Answer:

1- Starbucks offers to employees a constant pay rate which is paid either as a salary for full- time employees, or for part-time.

2- Starbucks offers to employees is a discount on the goods which the company offers.

3- Starbucks is supplying a number of health related benefits for employees. Included in these are medical insurance, oral and vision health care, mental health dependency, brief and permanent disability and life insurance coverage.

4- Starbucks strives to aid individual workers to go up from Barista to Store manager positions, and from there onto an area Supervisor role.

5- There is well-organized communication between professionals and employees in Starbucks. Such as, Managers encourage workers to give suggestions and develop plans to achieve their goals. So, the workers feel they a value added to the place and company as well.

6- providing an interesting atmosphere for employees to work in is very critical to increase their motivation.

If these are met, workers will be satisfied. For that, Starbucks is recognized as a great place to work.

Q3 Answer:

There are different theories

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs theory:

Abraham Maslow states that people are need to motivate according to “Hierarchy of needs”. He illustrates as a triangle and explaining the researcher how important is human motivation and can motivate with this five essential needs. At the bottom is Physiological need and up is safety needs, Social needs, self-esteem needs and self-Actualization. Now the researcher wants to demonstrate how Starbucks Motivate with Maslow.

Physiological Needs

These are the actual fundamental needs for the staff. This include food, water, regular pay, locker for personal belongings and good atmosphere. Starbucks fulfils this level effectively, by offering employees with breaks to be able to fulfill appetite needs, as well as a constant pay rate which is paid either as a salary for full- time employees, for part-time. Another benefit which Starbucks offers to employees is a discount on the goods which the company offers.

Safety Needs

Which includes employees working within a secure environment. When it comes to health and protection, Starbucks provides security and protection for their employment. They also give pension scheme for the staffs and also provide Health and safely in the work place. Starbucks offers it’s employees a clean and safe environment to work in.

Social Needs

Is devotion from employers, as well as a friendly rapport, admiration from colleagues as well as professionals. Starbucks make their employees to work as a team and they give competitive salary. Working conditions also good not only for the full-time staffs but also for the part- timers as well. They give the same opportunity for the part-timers. They give fixed date for the students who want to work just only weekends or the other flexible dates which will not interrupt their studies. Also, Starbucks employees are shown admiration through their job title as “lovers” rather than being labeled as employees by managerial staff.

Self- Esteem Needs

Self-Esteem is the most dominant for the people. In Starbucks from the top level till the bottom, from Director to barista, the employee within the company give respect to each other. They also seek feedback from the staffs what kind of improvements they want and managers always considered those opinions as a priority. This atmosphere is also important for the staffs and they feel self-confident and get the achievement from the snapshot of some of the things that they say is Thanks you card from them.

Self- Fulfilment

Starbucks also offers the staff personal fulfilment. They support staff and give them training, learning modules, workshop, odd interview and college coffee. This is the opportunity for the staff who wants to change their role higher.


Note: related chapter is attached (ppt format)

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