resources say one thing W r i t i n g

resources say one thing W r i t i n g

Your final presentation should be 7-10 minutes (no fewer than 7
minutes, no more than 10 minutes). Points will be deducted if you do not
meet 7 minutes or if you exceed 10 minutes.

The final presentation is a powerpoint slide show that is a condensed
oral version of your paper. Your paper is due before the presentation,
so you will have all the material you need to make your presentation.
Keep in mind, your paper will not be graded before your presentation so
if you have any questions over sources, materials, etc., you need to ask
them before you turn in your paper.

You should have a title slide.

You should have an abstract slide.

You should have a references section, but you do not need to spend time in your video going over references.

You should comment on at least one peer’s presentation. Comments
should be similar to those you make on discussion boards about materials
you read. It’s fine to tell your peers they did well (I encourage
this), but that should not be the only comment you make. Pay attention
to their premises, their coverage of material, their conclusions. If you
disagree with anything they say, be respectful. The presentation due
date is listed with this assignment. However, I am making the “until”
due date available until 2 days after the presentation due date to allow
people time to make comments. You have two days after presentations are
due to watch at least one peer’s presentation and make a thoughtful
discussion comment. I will provide a late period for comments. Do it
within the 2 days or get a zero on that component.

You should upload your ppt file in addition to your video.

You should incorporate the major sections of your paper (thesis
statement, literature review/summary, synthesis, etc.). Have headings in
your slides for these sections so that I know when and where you are
talking about these sections. If you have subheadings in your paper to
further divide information, it is a good idea to have those sections in
your presentation. E.g. if your topic has contradictory theories and
half your resources say one thing while the other half contradict this
statement so you make subheadings for Theory A and Theory B, you can
have that in your presentation. This presentation really is just a
condensed oral version of your paper.

It does not matter how many slides you have spanning your 15 sources
(e.g. you could put more than one source on the same slide), but you
should not go under 7 minutes or over 10 minutes when covering your

When discussing studies, you should have in-text citations for information.

When recording, it is fine to just do screen share and record your
voice going through your slides. You do not need to record your face
(though you can if you want).

PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE to make sure you meet the time requirements.

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