research supports investing time W r i t i n g

research supports investing time W r i t i n g

Gathering the Data & Describing the Partnership

You have described and analyzed two of your school’s community involvement programs, their goals, levels of participation, impact on student achievement, and factors preventing and promote their success.

In this module’s application assignment, you will design a new or strengthen an existing partnership integrating school, parent/family, and/or community resources to more effectively support student achievement.

  • Compose a 2- to 3-page paper (not including title and references pages) in a Word document for your response.
  • Divide your paper by incorporating the subheadings, such as Assess Your Current Reality, Vision, etc.
  • Use APA format to create the title page, a labeled conclusion paragraph, references page, and in-text citations.
  • Complete the assignment by following the steps.

Step 1. Assess
Assess your current reality by identifying a current student issue/need interfering with academic achievement at your school. Cite data supporting the need. This could be data related to academic achievement, student attendance, discipline, or other sources. Locate and describe trends in the data and disaggregated data, where available. Based on the identified need, describe the partnership you are proposing. What are its goals? Include who will lead the program and potential stakeholders.

Step 2. Evaluate
Evaluate and articulate your vision for the partnership. How do you envision the new or improved partnership resolving the issue or need identified in the data and improving student achievement?

Step 3. Compose

  • Compose at least three measurable goals for the partnership.
  • Outline the action steps to approval and implementation of the partnership. For example, does your idea require the principal’s approval or school board approval, etc.? What must you do to initiate the partnership?
  • Identify resources required for the partnership, including sources of funding.
  • Describe how you will communicate and market information about the proposed partnership to all stakeholders. How will you sell the idea?

Step 4. Summarize
Summarize at least two strategies and/or activities you are recommending the partnership undertake. Reference the research supporting the strategies/ activities you are recommending.

What Works Clearinghouse (Links to an external site.) is an excellent source for evidence-based strategies.

Step 5. Identify
Identify what research supports investing time, money, and personnel, in this partnership as well as the work required to make it a reality.

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