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Module 3 — Expansion of a Consumer Culture – HIUS 360

Design Assignment Instructions –
Hist American Entrepreneurship

https://bit.ly/3nS03wL – Writing Guide “Turabian formatting“.


The research design is a detailed explanation of the topic to be
studied, the process by which you will answer a question of
historical significance, and the principal sources for research. This assignment will provide you with a plan for completing your research
paper assignment.


will provide a Research Design in the current Turabian format
utilizing the Turabian template. Also, this specific assignment will
contain headings. It must include the following sections with
headings (Do not include the question in the heading):

  • Research
    Topic: What are you going to research?
  • Research
    Thesis: What is your thesis?
  • Research
    Question: What question are you looking to answer?
  • Explanation
    of Historical Significance: Why is this topic important to study?
  • Bibliography:
    What sources could or are going to be used?

Topic & Thesis
You will identify your topic and provide a thesis statement. You can
select any topic in American economic or business history before 1960
to research. This could be a biography of a specific entrepreneur,
an economic policy, an economic issue such as the cause of the Great
Depression, the economic impact of World War II, the Industrial
Revolution, the rise of a specific industry or company, etc. Do not
pick something too broad; try to be specific and focused.
Your instructor may require you to narrow your topic.

The research question will raise a historically significant issue
formulated in your instructor’s research topic or one corrected.
It is a question, not a statement. It is not merely a description of
historical happenings. It may include terms like “because,”
“accounted for,” “due to,” “resulted from,” “required,”
“showed,” and other phrases that indicate causality, analysis,
and careful inspection. The question may be more than one sentence.

of Historical Significance
explanation of historical significance sets the stage for the project
in a convincing argument. You must prove why this project is worth
study. If it helps, you may treat this section of the research design
as you would an introductory section of your research paper,
explaining the issue, your explanation, and placing it within a
significant historical context. This should be a well-developed
single paragraph.

Bibliography: For
the bibliography portion of the assignment, you will compose a
preliminary basic list of the key documents, historical objects,
works of art, books, and articles related to the research topic. The
sources will be divided into primary and secondary sources. You must
include no less than 3 primary sources and 2 scholarly secondary
sources (articles or books). Your final paper may not include some
or all of what you initially use when completing this research
design. Regardless, it would be best if you used current Turabian formatting for the
bibliography. The bibliography must be organized into the following
sections: 1) Primary, 2) Secondary Books, and 3) Secondary Articles.

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