replace lafs starting fall 2021 W r i t i n g

replace lafs starting fall 2021 W r i t i n g

RED 4325/5339 Unit Plan and Instruction

Create a Unit Plan. [This assignment has been modified to accommodate the conditions and limitations created by COVID-19. For example, due to COVID-19, we are not able to require field hours and related activities.]

The Unit Plan teaches a topic (from your subject or discipline area) while explicitly applying reading strategies learned in this course.

Note: You have been practicing this work in chunks over the course of this semester through your assignments. Use the resources and ideas you need from previous modules to develop your Unit Plan. Through the Unit Plan, you apply your understanding of what you have learned to demonstrate your knowledge and application of reading and reading strategies to your lesson.

Refer to this



Information & Instructions:

Include the Cognitive Complexity Statement found in the standard you choose. When you click on any of the LAFS links above you will see that each standard has a “Cognitive Complexity Level” already identified or stated on the document.

(The state is using LAFS to guide reading instruction but is phasing in their new standards called B.E.S.T. Standards which begin implementation Fall 2021 and also depends on grade level for implementation across Florida. The B.E.S.T. Standards for English Language Arts will replace the current LAFS or Langauge Arts Flordia Standards. To ensure we are all on the same page and since the new FL B.E.S.T. Standards are being implemented later this year, please use the LAFS for the Unit Plan Assignment. B.E.S.T. will be phased in and replace LAFS starting Fall 2021. For more information about B.E.S.T. Standards and the phase-in timeline, please see this link (Links to an external site.).

Choose a text from your discipline area. You can find resources in a variety of places including CPALMS (Links to an external site.)which is for teachers from the Florida Department of Education. our help once again. here is the assignment.

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