registered nurse may encounter moral distress W r i t i n g

registered nurse may encounter moral distress W r i t i n g

Question 1: Please watch the film, And the Band Played On. This film may be available on the Internet through free sites such as Youtube and Vimeo (please note: accessing these sites is at your own risk).  You may also view the film for purchase online through sites such as Amazon or HBO.

Movie: And the Band Played On (1993), Roger Spottiswoode (Director). Depicts how the CDC discovered how HIV was being transmitted. The film is both entertaining and educational, and it depicts the principles of epidemiology, human behavior, and society’s view of controversial topics.

  • What factors inhibited the early war against acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS)? Do you believe the AIDS outbreak could have been stopped? Why or why not?  What role does advocacy play in the film? How much publicity does HIV/AIDS receive today?  What’s the story of HIV/AIDS in the 21st century? Explain.

Question 2: How do occupation and culture influence psychosocial stressors that affect middle-aged adults? How does your occupation influence psychosocial stressors?

Question 3: Describe a clinical situation in which a registered nurse may encounter moral distress. Answer the AACN’s Four A’s found on page 84 in your Butts and Rich textbook to further explain the situation and the possible mitigation strategies. 

Four A’s: Nurses use the Four A’s plan as a guide to identify and analyze moral distress:

  • Ask appropriate questions to become aware that moral distress is present.
  • Affirm your distress and commitment to take care of yourself and address moral distress.
  • Assess sources of your moral distress to prepare for an action plan.
  • Act to implement strategies for changes to preserve your integrity and authenticity.

Question 4: Describe different ways that social media use can violate ethical nursing practices. How can ethical social media use be beneficial to health care professionals and their patients?

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