recently failed american health care act H e a l t h M e d i c a l

recently failed american health care act H e a l t h M e d i c a l

1. Advance Care Planning and Analysis

Palin’s quote presented is a justification of the need to progressively change the healthcare policy. This is since no individual needs to be discriminated against receipt of healthcare on the basis of their productivity level or even on the view that they are not worthy of receiving healthcare services. A system that is discriminatory on matters health care is thus retrogressive and needs to be amended in such a way it will incorporate all individuals to be offered medical attention. A health care system needs to be developed in such a way that it accommodates the concerns of all individuals irrespective of what they are suffering, their income or their status in the society. This will see an improvement in how care is offered and generally better the healthcare system towards one that is not evil.

Advanced care planning is a great strategy towards improving the care movement towards one that is patient-centered (Conroy, 2018). With advanced care planning, the care offered is based on patient values and preferences which would see patients receive better care services. My judgement an commitment to advance care planning is since it would ensure the values and concerns of patients are taken into consideration thus improving how healthcare services are offered.

Nurses further present healthcare players whose views and concerns on matters health care policy are important. However, it is necessary that nurses present their views in an appropriate manner and ensure that support for legislation is based on the merit and progressive nature of such legislations. Endorsing legislations that are not perfect would result in poor health care services being provided which would be a negative impact on the healthcare sector. For the recently failed American Health Care Act, nurses made significant input on the bill with some being progressive while other proposals were retrogressive. The retrogressive aspects may explain why the act failed.


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2. While I think that Sarah Palin’s quote was an unethical scare tactic, it was an effective strategy for her. It received a lot attention and not everyone sees through the lies of politicians. They will tell you anything to get some attention for a vote. Palin’s quote was not only inaccurate but was definitely a scare tactic. “Marketing and communication authorities, however, steadfastly contend that fear appeals can be ‘useful to advertiser and customer’ when the public good and the advertiser’s self-interest are compatible” (Benet, Pitts, & LaTour, 1993, p.47) There are a lot of individuals that base their decisions on what politicians tell them because they believe in the politicians. There are also a lot of people who believe anything they read on the internet. This is scary because it is hard to listen to what one will say without hard facts to back it up.

While I am an advocate for advance care planning, I also use analysis of facts to form my judgement. I like to have all the facts and if I don’t have them, I will do research to find out information. The facts have influenced my feelings towards advance care planning along with other things. When I was a new nurse I wanted to make everyone happy and help in every way I possibly could. I have learned that you cannot make everyone happy, we are reminded of this daily at our jobs. I do think that nurses should endorse healthcare policies that they believe in and that are truly meant for the good of our healthcare and patients. “Nurses have the greatest influence when they are well-informed, open-minded, collaborative, and will to do what is right even if there is a personal cost” (Mason, 2020). In healthcare there is always some kind of improvements being done, all we can do is continue to provide the best care we can while seeking these improvements out. This does apply to the recently failed American Health Care Act because while there were negative impacts, there were positive ones as well. While each side is fighting or arguing with one another about these issues, it would have a greater impact to compromise at some level for the better of our country. As nurses and advocates, we can help by continuing to speak up.


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