questions please consult kate l W r i t i n g

questions please consult kate l W r i t i n g

There will be a book review

You will be required to write a 5 to 8-page review on one of the books listed in the syllabus. Instructions for the review are provided in the Course Orientation Module. 100 points total.

Writing the Review

  • Start by citing the book. Include the author, title, place of publication, publisher, publication date, and edition (if applicable). Use the Chicago Manual of Style for the citation (see below).
  • Include information about the author: his authority, reputation, and qualifications.
  • Make reference to the genre of the book? Is it a work of fiction or non-fiction? What does the author consider the book?
  • Make reference to the point of view in which the book is written (first person, third person, etc)?
  • Include a description of the content of the book. Make reference to the organization (chronological, retrospective, topical, etc).
  • Now summarize the content of the book. Note: Do not devote more than two pages to this.
  • Analyze! What does the author do well? What does the author not do well?
  • Analyze! Does the book provide a window into an era? Why, or why not?
  • Include a conclusion which gives your overall assessment of the book.

Keep in mind the following as you prepare the review:

A book review is a critical engagement and analysis, not a mere summary of the contents.

Both a book and a book review will reflect the interests and perspectives of the respective authors.

Evaluate each book on its own merits. Do not let the author’s academic credentials, affiliations, and previous recognitions preclude a critical evaluation.

Write Well! This is easier said than done. Writing well is a skill gained through practice.

Do not plagiarize! Plagiarism will result in an “F” in the course. If you have questions or concerns about this, please contact the instructor.

The format for the review

For the review in this class you will follow the Chicago Manual of Style. For questions please consult Kate L. Turabian, Manual for Writers of Research Papers, Theses, and Dissertations (Ninth Edition). The University of Chicago Press, 2018. Note: If you intend graduate work in the Humanities, then you should purchase the manual.

Specifications: Double-spaced, font Size 12, Times New Roman or Calibri script. One inch margins.

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