purdue university sample works cited page example W r i t i n g

purdue university sample works cited page example W r i t i n g

So the idea here is for you to read Chapter One of the textbook and write a summary of all of the ideas and concepts contained therein. It is the first 30 pages only. Don’t do the exercises at the end and don’t do Chapter Two! (of course you can read it if you wish). You don’t need to write Headings like I did: just do normal paragraphs (with no extra extra spaces in between). Also write in full prose sentences not bullet points. Do not cut and paste chunks from the book. As before you are summarising what I am talking about in those 30 pages. It is not an essay obviously. It is a summary. Instead of Cohen or Dahoiwala…now its me!

I would like you to use some quotes here and there so you will need to use page numbers. Also just so that you get in the habit: let us have an MLA Works Cited page at the end.

When you quote it will be like this: << According to Bloom’s taxonomy, the most basic level of thinking is only “remembering and understanding” (Driscoll 25). >> Notice there is no pp, or pg or page …just the number. You may end up quoting like this << Driscoll suggests that the thesis will help the reader to “follow your line of thought” (13). >> More examples from Purdue University.Links to an external site.

Notice that this second example uses the author’s name in the beginning of the sentence so you don’t need it again, just the page number (13) : and again notice that the MLA format means that you don’t need to write “page” or “pg” or “p.” Just the number in brackets. Here is the Purdue University sample Works Cited page example: LinkLinks to an external site.

Please don’t include anything else in the summary, and don’t put anything else on the Works Cited: Just the book, try not to use Knight Cite as it usually gets it wrong: here is the OWL from Purdue University with the example for how to cite a book: LinkLinks to an external site.

My chapter is 30 pages: I would like you to write a 6 page summary. If you want to add some commentary as you go along feel free: but remember I want you to talk about the sample essay as well as Bloom’s taxonomy….so you haven’t got much space to comment.

Note: The sample essay talks about Tennyson’s poem ‘The Lady of Shalott’ (if you want to read it it is on page 248 in the book). The critic, Whitney Hoth, that I used for the paper, is from the SMC library Magill database and again, if you are curious, the article is here if you wish to read itLinks to an external site.. The entire sample paper is built simply from the poem, the critic, and my brainstorming. Remember you also need to talk about things like David Marshall, Bloom’s taxonomy, Blake, Woolf, Nietzsche, Tennyson, William Blake’s poem ‘London’ (I talk about it on page 2) : all of these names (and the poem!) are mentioned in the chapter so make sure you use capital letters on their names! Also you need to talk about the left/right brain, brainstorming, theses, conclusions, body paragraphs, voice ….. there is a lot in that chapter so pick out the essentials and check to see if you have enough. Again, resist the urge to cut and paste: we need to have 80% of this to be in your words….

Please don’t cut and paste huge chunks to fill up space, and don’t put double double spaces to fill up space either. Small quotes of one or two lines peppered throughout the paper will be fine. Use the computer to calculate your word count: 350 words per page is standard, X 6 = 2, 100 words. You need to be hitting about that…

Good luck, use capital letters where required…and stay well.

Due: April 17th. Let me know if I have forgotten anything in these instructions. Usual 12 point font. margins, double spaced etc. Try to give it a proper academic title just to show me you have understood and learnt the format which is on the sample student essay. We can practice titles in class too! If you are stuck on anything please ask me in class.

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