primary researchto use correct apa format H u m a n i t i e s

primary researchto use correct apa format H u m a n i t i e s

Question to be answered: Why do some people leave their comfort zone to accept the call to adventure while other folks refuse to try new things?

There is not one right answer to this question. What you must do is make an assertion that you believe is true and then use two readings from this class and your own experience to show that your point of view is valid.

Reading 1:

You will also need one specific, vivid story from your own life as support. Write it so that your reader is there, in the moment.

Do not use any source other than the assigned readings. As one example, do not consult an online dictionary and open your essay with “According to, an adventure is …” or something similar.

Write an introductory paragraph for your essay. The introduction has two important goals: it must generate interest in your answer to the research question and indicate where the paper is heading.

Your introduction should be 5 – 8 sentences long.

Make sure that your introduction avoids bland, general, obvious statements such as “Being adventurous may at first seem impossible because it is something that one has never done before.” Blech! Every sentence of the introduction should make your reader enthusiastic about your unique answer to the research question.

Your introduction must also include a correct thesis statement. The thesis statement must present your answer to the research question and mention not only the readings that you will be using but also the personal experience that you plan to share.

Good Introduction: X is the biggest factor keeping people from adventure. Evidence for this can be found in Auden (1940), Brooks (1963), and my unfortunate decision the summer after I graduated from high school.

Bad Introduction: his paper will discuss why X keeps people from adventure. First, this paper will look at Auden (1940), and then it will talk about Brooks (1963) and finally myself.

Write the body paragraphs for your essay. Each body paragraph should begin with a sentence that does two things: 1) introduces the reading (or experience) that you are analyzing and 2) explains how that information contributes to your thesis statement.

Then, provide and analyze evidence from the reading (or from your life) that answers the research question. Do not give lengthy plot summary. And, when you are discussing a reading, be sure to include at least one quotation that is correctly formatted in APA style (See Assignment 04 or this handout for directions on how to integrate/document a quotation).

Remember that you cannot have more than 39 words of quotation from a source.

Write a good conclusion for your essay. Your conclusion should be a full paragraph (at least 5 sentences) and bring the essay to an effective close.

Recap on Goals to accomplish:

  • To answer the research question for Essay 1
  • To choose sources and a personal story as evidence and then organize the material in the most effective manner
  • To draft a documented essay using course readings and personal experience as primary research
  • To use correct APA format

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