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In this course we are studying the sacred texts of seven of the largest (or fastest growing) and/or most ancient religions in the world and their sacred texts. We are reading short passages from all of these scriptures, but as you can see, these are just a tiny glimpse into the VAST amount of scriptures in the world! So for this assignment, I want to give you the opportunity to research a topic that is interesting and meaningful to you.

You will be required to write a paper on a topic of your choice. You will choose a topic that interests you and that you want to explore more in-depth in a particular sacred text. For example, women in the Vedas, justice in the Tanakh (Hebrew Bible), love in the Bible, Jesus in the Book of Mormon, or charity in the Quran. Students will choose a topic and a sacred text, then find five passages from that text that discuss their particular topic. Students will write a short introduction/interpretation of each passage and then a summary of their overall impression of what the text teaches about that topic.

Researching Your Topic:

1. Choose your topic and sacred text and submit it to me by the end of week four (November 8). I will create an assignment dropbox for that in the Week Four module.

2. Start to look for examples of passages in your chosen sacred text. If you have chosen a scripture that is familiar to you, you may have an idea of where to look already. If not, there are two different ways to go about it:

A. If you choose a scripture from the Abrahamic religions (Tanakh, Christian Bible, Book of Mormon, or Quran) you can simply search online for that term in the scripture. For each of these books, there are websites that have digital copies of the entire sacred text as well as a “search” feature that lets you search the entire text for that term.

Searchable Tanakh:

Searchable Christian Bible:

Searchable Quran:

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