potential racist attitudes toward W r i t i n g

potential racist attitudes toward W r i t i n g

Individual Encounter and Synthesis

You will conduct an in-depth, 1-hour interview with an individual or married couple from your selected cultural group in order to develop an understanding of the cultural factors that helped shape that individual’s or couple’s cultural identity.

A variety of issues may be explored in the interview. The knowledge you gained from the Research and Events parts of the Cultural Immersion Project as well as your sense of the person/couple you interview will guide you in how personal you can get with your questions. Cultural groups and individuals vary on how private they are. Use their feedback regarding what areas you can probe. If the person is very open, go deeper. If not, respect that cultural boundary and ask yourself why that boundary is there. Issues that you may wish to explore during the interview include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Early childhood experiences and parental values;
  • Earliest memories of recognizing membership in a culturally different group;
  • The role of religion/spirituality;
  • Immigration experiences;
  • Similarities/differences between couples’ interactions in the U.S. to couples’ interactions in the individual’s culture;
  • School experiences as a member of a cultural minority;
  • Experiences with subtle racism or discrimination;
  • Experiences with overt racism or discrimination;
  • Ways the person/couple chose his/her/their career(s) or made career choices;
  • The experience of being culturally different;
  • Attitudes regarding the majority culture;
  • Extent of desire to assimilate majority cultural attitudes, values, and lifestyles;
  • Feelings of oppression;
  • Feelings of anger toward majority culture;
  • From the person’s/couple’s own cultural background, any potential racist attitudes toward or stereotyping of individuals from other particular cultures; and/or
  • Strengths identified from the person’s/couple’s cultural background that help him/her/them cope with living in the U.S.

Once your interview is complete, you will answer the questions listed below. First person may be used in your answers, and you must observe correct and current APA style. The paper must have a correct title page, and you must use a reference page (no abstract is needed). A word estimate is beside each question; however, the quality of your answer is more important than the word count. You may expand further, but you do not have to do so. In addition, your paper must be supported by at least 2 scholarly sources, and at least 2 internet and/or media sources, used in project part 1. It is recommended that you use the following questions as level 1 headings to organize your paper (you can shorten the question into a level 1 heading/title). A template is provided for this assignment to help with APA formatting and organization.

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