point times new roman font W r i t i n g

point times new roman font W r i t i n g

Create a research report based on a problem of practice within your industry as it impacts you, your business, or your employees. This should be a global, recognized problem of practice within your profession that requires serious consideration and outside research to solve. Your company does not necessarily need to solve the problem, but your report should provide possible, viable solutions to the problem itself.

TOPIC: Environmental health
issues in LA (such as contaminated soils, capped oil wells, etc.) and how it
affects our Health facilities and the people that live in these health hazard

This is a group assignment so instead of 15 pages you will only have to do 5, and instead of 15 sources you will only need to include 5 sources. You are only responsible for the solution portion of the paper and can disregard the part about describing the problem. (will explain more)


1) Your paper must be 15 to 20 pages in length, double-spaced, and cited using APA format. You must also use 12-point Times New Roman font.

2) It is strongly recommended that you follow the example in your textbook.

3) You must use a minimum of 15 sources for your research.

4) You must break down your paper’s content into sections that are divided using subheadings.

5) Grammar, spelling and word choices will be scrutinized every bit as much as the organization and thoroughness of your content.

6) You must support your content with appropriate evidence. Statements that are not supported with factual evidence will be considered unfounded and your grade will be reduced.

7) 70% of your report should focus on investigating and illuminating the nature of the problem you’ve identified.

8) 30% of your report should focus on the solution to the problem.

9) You must submit as a Word doc.

Additional Instructions

Your paper must include all of the following and in the precise order you see below (You’ll find these in your textbook):

1) letter of transmittal (one page, three to four paragraphs)

2) title page (one page)

3) table of contents (one page)

4) list of illustrations (one page)

5) abstract (one page, approximately one paragraph)

6) body (15 to 20 pages)

7) references (one page)

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