please use 12 point times new roman font W r i t i n g

please use 12 point times new roman font W r i t i n g

The Research Proposal assignment is a typed assignment that will be submitted as two interrelated papers. Paper I will comprise the first two sections of the research proposal—The Problem Statement and The Literature Review. Paper II will comprise the Methodology section of the research proposal. It will also include an abstract of Paper I and an Appendix which will entail the data collection instrument.

The papers are to be typed in APA Style, both in terms of formatting and the language used. Please use 12 point Times New Roman font with one-inch margins all around. Use the lettered headings in the outline below as headings for your paper. Provide references (citations in text) throughout, as appropriate per the current APA style manual. Please include a “Cover Page” and “ References” page for each paper. Use the same title and running head for both papers.

Content requirements for Paper 1 are provided below. Please address the items below in the narrative of your paper in paragraph style. Do not use a bulleted format and do not state then answer the questions. The outline is intended to guide you in what to include in each section. However, the paper is written in a narrative style.

Problem Statement and Literature Review

(Total 5-6 pages-not including cover page, table of contents, references)

Cover Page with Descriptive Title and Running Head
Table of Contents for Paper I

I. Problem Statement and Study Rationale (1 page)

A. The Problem
-What is the problem to be studied? Describe it briefly.
-What are the characteristics of those who are affected by this problem?
-How big is the population of persons who are affected? Is there a specific sub population in which you are interested and if so, justify why this group should be targeted for study.

B. Study Rationale
-Why does this problem merit the attention social work professionals?
-What are the consequences for the persons affected by the problem if it is not addressed or better understood?
-How could increased understanding of the problem specified be useful or beneficial for social worker practitioners, educators and researchers in their work?

II. Literature Review (4-5 pages)

A. Literature Review A review and synthesis of 5-8 current studies (research articles where data is collected and analyzed) in which you provide a critique of the literature on your stated problem including the following:

-The main themes/research questions that have been addressed by the studies

-A comparison and contrast of key findings

-A critique of the adequacy of the research including a general statement of the quality and amount of studies addressing the specific aspect of your topic in which you are interested, identifying what areas have and have not been adequately investigated by the available studies, whether the studies appear to be based on or driven by a particular theory, whether the measures used appear to be appropriate, the extent to which they address special populations including urban and historically disadvantaged populations, whether or not there appear to be any ethical issues or problems, etc.

B . Theoretical/Conceptual Framework Select an appropriate human behavior theory (macro or micro) and discuss how it can provide a conceptual framework for understanding the problem you identified.

C. Research Question and Hypothesis Conclude the literature review section by stating your research question and hypothesis (if appropriate) based on your analysis of the literature and the human behavior theory you selected.

D. References

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