please check mla citation guidelines H u m a n i t i e s

please check mla citation guidelines H u m a n i t i e s

Comments from my instructor.

There are five things for rating my essay. All five things have comments written by my instructor. Please read the all comments well in order to be able to understand and correct them.

Also, I will attach the photos of my essay with my instructor’s comments to correct it.

1- Introduction and Answer:

The thesis is not stated, and if it is it’s not clear and does not address how the DC uses writing to communicate.

There is a good introduction but maybe elaborate more on background information.

Answer is provided in the introduction, but the introduction could be a little more developed.

2-Discourse Community and Scholarly Source:

Although you did use a scholarly article, please relate it to your chosen DC not to how interaction fosters the sharing of language.

He has multiple sources and scholarly sources that are included correctly. Has to remember to quote every time he uses someone else’s work.

Very good source is provided, and both are fairly well connected to the answer.

3-Direct Text:

Good use of direct text, although I prefer if you utilize more to emphasize your chosen DC. I’m a bit lost as to why you’re addressing how to foster the sharing of language.

It is confusing to distinguish the text and quotes make sure you quote other peoples research which will make it easier to distinguish.

Maybe some direct quotes from your sources to back up your thesis.

4-Knowledge of Conventions:

Please re-read the rubric to answer the prompt directly. Make sure your focus is on Amazon and how they use writing to communicate throughout your whole paper.

The essay is formatted correctly and is mostly clear other than the quotations the essay is fluent sounds clean and makes sense.

This paper is very much geared towards the correct audience, and he knew how to convey it.

5-Endnote Comment:

Please include your last name along with the page number on top right corner. Please check MLA citation guidelines for your “works cited” page as well. Also, focus on how Amazon uses writing throughout the whole paper.

Overall, your essay is pretty good just make sure you fix any minor errors that are in your essay and make sure to add quotes.

Very solid paper just remember to maybe use a few direct quotes and elaborate more on some sentences.

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