“ patient person ” versus simply “ learning skills ” H u m a n i t i e s

“ patient person ” versus simply “ learning skills ” H u m a n i t i e s

Link to the podcast available here: https://soundcloud.com/lvoisen/podcast-340-patience-the-art-of-peaceful-living-with-alan-lokos

Be sure that your responses are adequately thorough and detailed. Some of the answers may just be fill-in the blank while others clearly require more detail and full sentences.  It might be helpful to take notes while listening to the podcast in order to appropriately answer the questions below. Keep in mind that the questions are asked in order of the podcast’s progression, making it easier to identify the answer.

Most of the answers to the questions below come directly from the podcast. There are a few questions which are considered “Personal Reflection” questions and are thus indicated as such in parentheses to avoid any confusion.

Make answers gender neutral and basic


1.To start off with, how do you feel your life could improve with more patience? (Personal Reflection)

2.The host of the podcast quotes the following line from Alan’s book: “Just about every mistake I’ve ever made and every unkind word I have ever spoken, might have been avoided if I had been more patience.” What do you think about this statement? Do you believe this is a true statement? Please elaborate. (Personal Reflection)

3.Under what conditions are you most likely to lose your patience? (Personal Reflection)

4.When that happens (referring to the previous question), what do you do? (Personal Reflection)

5.What does the speaker share is “the number one issue that causes people to lose their patience”?

6.What is the speaker’s “own experience with that” (referring to the discovery made in the previous question)? And what is the belief that is associated with this misapprehension?

7.What does the speaker share is a “revered quality among wise people”?

8.In your own experience, what is the value of “skillful speech” or choosing your words wisely? How do you do with this? Are you mindful with choosing your words wisely when interacting with others? (Personal Reflection)

9.What is the “partner to skillful speech”?

10.How would you describe your listening skills? Do you listen carefully with the intent to understand (rather than respond)? Is it sometimes difficult to listen carefully? (Personal Reflection)

11.The speaker continues, “I would go as far as to say I don’t think that anything could more immediately make positive changes in our relationships than…” (Fill in the “…”)

12.According to the speaker, what are the “elements of skillful speech”?

13.According to the speaker, if we have to make a truthful, critical comment to another person, what other two qualities are important for its delivery to ultimately “change the nature of our relationships”?

14.According to the speaker, “developing patience requires an understanding of…” (Fill in the “…”)

15.What is the difference between becoming a “patient person” versus simply “learning skills” for patience?

16.According to the speaker, what is required to “move along a path of becoming a truly patient person”?

17.How does meditation help us cultivate patience?

18.How does the patience we cultivate during meditation carry over into our daily life?

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