part 6 many school districts offer charter schools W r i t i n g

part 6 many school districts offer charter schools W r i t i n g

Part 1

Recommend three ways to use computer, mobile, and Internet technology to deliver your organization’s courses to its students.

  • Speculate on any barriers or challenges your target student population might encounter with taking classes via the ways you recommended and potential ways to mitigate those barriers or challenges.

Part 2

“Eating and Exercise”, “Natural Selection”, and “Climate Change” simulations

  • From the discussion preparation, identify and describe one of the three simulations you completed.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of the instruction and learning provided to students.
  • Include the anticipated targeted age group and grade and how the simulation can be integrated into the classroom.

Part 3

Discuss at least three ways the Internet environment affects cognition, motivation, and learning.

  • Comment on the positive and negative aspects of each.

Part 4

discuss at least two ways constructivism, as a learning theory, supports and is supported by the e-Learning process.

  • Cite any websites and articles you referenced in your discussion using Strayer Writing Standards.

Part 5

  • Discuss your views of Weiss and Henry’s claims that “the purpose of evaluation is to bring about social betterment” in relationship to the target of evaluation you selected. Comment on your level of agreement or disagreement with the claim and your reasons why. Discuss two other uses for program evaluation.

Part 6

  • Many school districts offer charter schools and/or schools of choice, and online schools, especially for high school. Assume there is no public high school in your community, review alternative options and choose one that you would support. Provide the web link to the program you selected. Take a stand on which view (expertise or consumer) you think is the most valuable in helping parents decide which school to select and provide support for your selection.

Part 7

  • Describe a program in your organization (school or business) that has been ineffective and would benefit from a decision-oriented approach. Discuss at least three benefits of having a formative evaluation in your planned evaluation and how it would improve the program.

Part 8

  • The board of governors of a public liberal arts university with three colleges: arts and science, business, and education for 5,000 students is considering adding a computer science college. The board has decided an evaluation needs to be conducted to determine the need, costs, courses, etc. Assume the role of a professional evaluator hired by the board to conduct the evaluation. (a) Identify evaluation sources for questions, (b) describe key stakeholders and their concerns, and (c) recommend proposed questions in the divergent phase. Provide a rationale for each of these areas.

Part 9

  • Several contemporary issues will be covered in this course, but as you work through the readings for this week that look back on the history of education in the U.S., including the importance of it and the difference in the way the U.S educational system functions when compared to Europe, consider what might be the most pressing issue facing education in the U.S. What will have to be addressed in the next five years? Identify the issue you believe to be the most pressing and explain why you believe it to be the most pressing. Be sure to provide a rationale and support for your explanation with academic sources.

Part 10

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