part 3 personal connection (~ 200 words ): explain W r i t i n g

part 3 personal connection (~ 200 words ): explain W r i t i n g

SSS4 (Climate change in IL by Dr. Trent Ford)

Assignment Parts: Part 1: Presentation Details: Provide your name, the full name of the speaker, the title of the presentation that you viewed, and the SSS assignment number(Science speaker series 4) session 4.

  1. Part 2: Course Connection (~200 words). Describe an ecological concept, principle, and/or theory that was discussed in the scientific presentation (SSS) you viewed. The description should be detailed enough for the instructor to know that you viewed (in it’s entirely) and understood the scientific presentation. Once you have described the ecological concept, etc., connect it to ecology course material. The connection could be to SimUText material , which is intrinsically connected to your Ecology Photos of plants, animals. The description and connection should include at least 3 bolded vocabulary terms that have been discussed in class. These vocabulary terms should be interwoven into your connection paragraph and you must demonstrate your understanding of the terms you are using (i.e. do not just list terms, but explain the why and how behind the connection). Finally, what are the broader ecological and societal implications outlined by the speaker in their presentation (they may not always clearly state the importance, but you should be able to identify it based on the presentation). Note: not all SSS are strictly ecologybased presentations, but all will connect to course material.

Part 3 Personal Connection (~200 words): Explain how this scientific presentation extends your personal knowledge and understanding of ecology. How was your perspective on a given issue, concept, idea broadened and/or changed? In this section, you may pull from your knowledge beyond our ecology classroom. Perhaps, for example, you view the SSS on diseases, and notice it connects to the immunology, biostatistics, and/or a GenEd course you took. In this section, you could explain how/why your understanding of disease was broadened, strengthened, or changed after viewing an SSS. Alternatively, perhaps you view the SSS on urban ecology, and reflect on your upbringing and how that shaped your relationship with nature. Or you explore how this new knowledge may influence or impact your future. So again, explain the why and how of your personal connection to SSS material. One connect on a personal level is to think about the importance that this presentation and its content has to your life (present and/or future). How does it make you see the world differently? What kinds of biological, ecological, and/or societal questions are you left with after this presentation? There are many different ways to approach this Part, but the important piece is digging deeper into your personal relationship with the SSS material presented. You can always run an idea by your instructor!

Bonus! 1-2 pts: write down one original, well-thought-out question you have for the science speaker about their presentation. To get full credit, the question must indicate that you watched the video. You will not get credit for asking “where did you get your degree?” and the like, which could be asked of any speaker without viewing the videos).

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